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I wanna know what I can do to help, I have no money , but have plenty of time. I could actually sit on the beach all night and protect them. even before pollution they had a slim chance of surving.   they are so cute.   david grove  717-875-8975     I worry about this planet.  I don't know for the life of me,   why people  who have kids don't worry more. so weird.   david

2 years ago on Restoring the Gulf of Mexico by Pointing Baby Turtles Back to Sea


i'm 46 and am on social security disability, for extreme clinical depression and anxiety.  I loooooooooooove the water always have along with the fish and animals everything living.   I have a relatively small steady income i'd loooooove to help out if I  could.    If I have to just clean rocks i'll be happy.  Please let me know if you can use me, I hope you can.  david    717-875-8975    thanks you

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