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Is it me or just my imagination. Nearly every time Boyle has an open shot on goal or breakaway, he misses the net!

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I firmly believe there is only one way to dramatically cut down on the dangerous cheap hits that are causing concussions and other serious injuries. That is to suspend the player the same amount of games equal to the amount of games the injured player sits out. In other words using the McDonough hit as an example, if McD is out 7 games due to injury of this hit, then Burrows is suspended for 7 games and cannot play until the injured player returns to the ice. You knock someone out for two months, you sit for 2 months; out for the year, you are too. Again, this is all based on the league's or ref's discretion if they feel the hit was accidental or there was intent to injure. This policy if enforced punishes the reckless player and his team as they too will have to make roster changes and deal with the impact of losing a player just as the team with the injured party.

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