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Is it me or just my imagination. Nearly every time Boyle has an open shot on goal or breakaway, he misses the net!

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I firmly believe there is only one way to dramatically cut down on the dangerous cheap hits that are causing concussions and other serious injuries. That is to suspend the player the same amount of games equal to the amount of games the injured player sits out. In other words using the McDonough hit as an example, if McD is out 7 games due to injury of this hit, then Burrows is suspended for 7 games and cannot play until the injured player returns to the ice. You knock someone out for two months, you sit for 2 months; out for the year, you are too. Again, this is all based on the league's or ref's discretion if they feel the hit was accidental or there was intent to injure. This policy if enforced punishes the reckless player and his team as they too will have to make roster changes and deal with the impact of losing a player just as the team with the injured party.

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Three things cost the Rangers this playoff series; 1) Lack of Size: on D they could not move Bruins off the puck whether behind the net, in front of the net nor along the boards, Same on offense, if they want to play the cycle and win along the boards and to plant a body in front of the net, they need a physical presence. 2) Power Play: no need to harp on this one..we all know it sucks; and 3) Discipline: too many give-aways, bad passing, and stupid penalties. On this last subject, Del Zotto needs to go. He gets caught too deep in the offensive end, makes terrible give-aways and how many times have you seen his inability to keep the puck in the zone.  Plus he has no size to move opponents off the puck with authority. I thought Dorsett was unable to keep his emotions in check last night. His intentions were good, but he was over compensating and eventually got called for stupid penalties. Sucks to lose on the eventual game winning goal by 2 turnovers by a hack whose time has come and will no longer be in the NHL, Hamrlick.

1 year, 10 months ago on Rangers 1, Bruins 3


This team lacks a dominating physical presence both on D and Offense. As talented as the Rangers D are, (minus a couple of players) they are out-muscled in front of the net. They can't clear bodies nor the traffic in the crease to gain any upper hand. They instill fear and intimidation to no one. Same on offense, not one Ranger stands nor parks himself in front of the opposing crease to screen or bang in rebounds. That's why we don't score goals; every shot is taken from the point or circle and they are easily saved b/c they are easily seen by the goalie. We need guys who can get in the other teams' faces This is a highly talented team in many areas but you can;t win when you play soft. (think ala Adam Graves)

1 year, 12 months ago on Rangers 0, Canadiens 3