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sykora was a dog on defense and didn't move his feet, when his offense disappeared he became quite litterally worthless. Bylsma and the pens wern't the only ones to think this way seeing as every team in the league took a pass on him. Also his salary if he were still here would mean one of our defensive defensman would not be here so dude's boy MAF would have an even harder time. Bottom line Sykora needed to be put out to pasture,they won a cup without his contributions and Malkin gets paid $8.5mil to produce not bitch about the system or tell his coach he's a "playmaker" player type on NHL '11.

Everyone knows how this will play out, 2 more years after this of Geno, then they either turn him into 3 players at the trade deadline and get Crosby a "sniper" or tender him as a RFA and get 3 #1 picks+ for him. Lets enjoy his goofy self while he's here and not sit in class touching ourselves about the glory days of HCMT and sykora.

4 years, 3 months ago on A Very Logical Defense Of Evgeni Malkin