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I've really been mulling the question, "can we attract money to US 'cross" a lot this season. As someone still relatively new to the sport (in my third season as a masters 35+) it seems to me that upping the experience for casual fans would make things better for everyone.

The challenge is getting the up front investment.

As it stands, it's a work of passion for race organizers to put these races on. They don't have the resources to do additional infrastructure like outdoor video displays to follow the race, full day kid/family activities, and announcer talent with quality PA systems.

To get a TV audience we will need a well produced stream with camera setups on cables, cranes, and quadrotors. It's much more watchable from afar when you can see the battle at the front taking place. 

Imagine getting an overhead view of the entire course during an elite race! I fantasize about Tour de France quality coverage of stateside CX races.

1 year, 3 months ago on It’s Just Money: Stybar Turns Down €800,000 for a Cyclocross Season — An Op-Ed by Steve Tilford


Nice to see the shout out for Seattle and Bellingham!

1 year, 7 months ago on MFG Cyclocross Announces 2013 Series Dates


Hmm... I was actually going to get a license this year, just for grins, and perhaps save a few bucks on the one days licenses. This is really a dumbass way to run the sport. Independent promoters should be able to run their events and have whoever they want. If you're running a pro level event, then the UCI rules should apply.

1 year, 11 months ago on USA Cycling Sends Out “Clarification of UCI Ruling” on Riders in Unsanctioned Events


Another sign you're a cyclocrosser: on the first day of spring you text your buddy: "Only six more months 'till 'cross!"

1 year, 12 months ago on You Might by a Cyclocrosser If … A Column by Lee Waldman