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tryin' too hard

 you already have a hot lady in your arm, don't need to go overboard by wearing sneakers with a tux.  

1 year, 11 months ago on Jason Sudeikis in Air Jordan XI “Bred” @ Met Gala 2013


This is a great and original idea by NB.  I'm sure no one else is selling GITD shoes

2 years ago on New Balance 574 “Northern Lights Pack” – Concepts Exclusive


will these make you into a mediocre mayor who can't hang onto the Kings?

2 years ago on FILA to Reintroduce Kevin Johnson’s KJ7


did you know that "Jordan" is a real human being? 

2 years ago on Air Jordan XI Low GS – White – Pink – Snakeskin


wtf is this?  and why should I care?


2 years ago on My 5: Rockie Fresh’s Sneaker Rotation


I'm couning down right now!!! coun coun coun!!!

2 years ago on Custom Countdown: The Best Custom Sneakers of March