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I like the Grade of B for Grigs and I especially like the take on the pats

2 years ago on #CATweetbag: Grading Grigson


I don't think Freeney's hometown discount would have been to the tune of $3m less than the $6M he wants.  2nd, I watched this Packers game and he showed more than what you gave him credit for.  2 plays before his matchup with fleener, he beat Justice on the inside virtually untouched with a spin and he also caught both justice and Allen on their heels a few times and was able to apply pressure on luck on the inside.  Meanwhile freeney was getting beat 1 on 1 this game.  Walden showed an ability to rush the passer from the standing position, which freeney can't do effectively.  Also, your analysis of the Allen touchdown play is all wrong.  As I watched the play (and please correct me if I'm wrong), the play develops as a lead run to the strong side.  Walden isn't initially blocked, he's chipped and released as the motion back goes to the next level to take out the MLB.  Walden's (and the rest of the defense) reads this play as run first and everyone is caught out of position.  You can take any one defender on this play and make a case for them looking completely lost.  What I'd like to know from you, Nate, is who would you rather the colts have gone for with the money (besides freeney) they were willing to give out for this position?

2 years ago on Free Agency Review: Erik Walden Versus the Colts