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 @RickMMontes  @Michael Boldin A hard sell indeed - especially because of the muddying of the waters that occurred after the advent of the 14th Amendment, when the Bill of Rights WAS 'incorporated' under its due process clause, or equal protection clause, I forget which, according to Robt. Bork's writings.  This was a wholesale taking over/turning upside down of the Constitution, and even he felt it was too late to do anything about it ('settled law', and all that, to lawyer types).  It's a mess that has been turned into fudge ever since.  I don't know how they can continue to play the game with a straight face.  The faces involved now are Comedy and Tragedy, with the emphasis on the latter.


But let's keep playing it on the gun issue as long as we can.  At least that keeps the feds out of the picture; or at least, on the defensive.            

2 years ago on The Founders and the 2nd Amendment


An excellent article, Mr. Maharrey - clean and crisp and clear.  Thank you for this contribution to the 'debate,' as it were.


Actually: no debate.  Unless one wants to debunk the Founders and Framers themselves.  Which I see has been and is being tried, by the liberals, in their revisionist history of the founders of the nation; trying to paint them as a bunch of racist hypocrites.  So, when all else fails: Hang the messenger.  


Their message for posterity should have stood for all time.  Alas, it didn't quite make the grade.  But not for lack of trying.  They did their best.  The rest was up to us.  And well done, tenth amendment center, for doing YOUR best to see that legacy through.     

2 years ago on Nullification for Lawyers