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I was saying last week and week before drop this game in favor of Nets/Grizzlies.  Sure no 1 wants to see Nets, but Grizzlies are not on national TV.  It is absurd rest of season Lakers 11 nat TV appearances and Hawks 0 nat TV appearances.

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Does anyone know who will fill in for Raftery next month in Big East Tourney on FS1 as he was suppose to work with Gus Johnson?

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Does it help there was no MLB to bring in more fans to the set?

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ESPN has multiple writers w/ NFL teams

Jets: Rich Cimini/Jane McManus

Cowboys: Todd Archer, Tim McMahon, JJT, and Calvin Watkins

Pats: Mike Reiss and Field Yates

Bears: Mike Wright and Jeff Dickerson

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12/28/08 should of made list of 5 worse L Jets completing collapse and allowing Dolphins to win AFC East in old 16W.

I've rank Jets win over Chargers higher then Pats.  Rookie QB, inept O for 3 quarters, and Chargers kicker kept us in game missing 3 FG's.  

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I like to see what they do with MLB on ESPN package on Monday and Wednesday.  Just select games two or three weeks prior to date of game.

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Deport Beiber

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I'm a Yankees fan and I supported A-Rod since he got here.  I get criticize for supporting him from fellow NYY fans.  Some of Yankees fans are unreal treating Jeter and Rivera like Jesus and won't ever criticize them while other guys on team are subjected to being criticized.

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07 vs Bills he getting booed and was bench for Kellen Clemens.  Night Jets traded for Brett Favre I remember going nuts thinking he would take us to promise land that Chad couldn't.  I was wrong Chad returns to 16W on final day and Dolphins wins AFC East.  That would be game I soured on Mr. T as the GM.  Chad career in the end will be said what if he never got hurt.

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at least these are better ratings then World Series.  

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if a K can contribute to game getting 3 points, point, or not allowing KR/PR to get TD I take it.  I see both sides of celebrating a kicker and wanting guy cut.  04 playoffs Doug Brien wins playoff game for Jets and following week he misses 2 potential GW FG and we want him cut.  Sadly it would be Brien last game in NFL.

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NFL Network was live from 5pm to 8pm with coverage

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Last 2 years Game 1 and 2 on Tue and Thur. Maybe there is a little Heat fatigue from casual fan. Doesn't help yday game became 1 sided. Next 3 games will tell where ratings might be.

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That Steelers game still hurts to this day.  Right after game I wanted Doug Brien cut and got my wish.  Sadly Doug Brien miss kick would be last game of NFL career.  

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that was from last year on NBA TV Fan Night Shaq running around in his boxers.

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I welcome a 9th home game vs Ravens, but that game is in Baltimore.  Bengals lost there playoff game last year.  I share same feelings as u being optimistic and hopeful but in reality no playoffs for 3rd straight year.  Hosting SB has been jinx for 12 straight years.  Last SB team to host and make playoffs 00 Bucs.

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Jets ended Colts 23 game winning streak.  Honestly thought Colts would blow us out in 2nd half to end our season.  Colts choose to sit Peyton and friends put in Curtis Painter we all know what happened for Jets after that.


Never knew AFC and NFC logo changed.


Coldest NFC Championship Game 1/20/08 moment I choose to forget.  Favre to Webster.  Right after Tynes Game Winning FG friends who are Giant fans let me have it "What Happened To Your Boy Favre" 

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Personally don't feel we need WR with Holmes, Hill, and Kerley.  But if needed to add depth why not.  The more playmakers the better.

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Does NBC Sports Radio have an affiliate for NYC?

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I don't like any of QB's from this class.  All of them have there pros and cons.  Would I welcome Geno or any other QB sure why not won't have an opinion till he plays or practice.  Call me crazy they have McElory why not start him if they drafted him to begin with.  

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Never been a Mark Sanchez guy.  Wanted Jay Cutler prior to 09 draft that didn't work out.  Wanted Kellen Clemens if they didn't draft Mark.  But he is on 3rd OC in 3 years and 2nd QB coach of his career which doesn't help his progression.  1 saving grace MS does have to his 09 draft QB counterparts 4 playoff wins to none for Stafford and Freeman.

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