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Glad to see John Walton doing the Dallas-Anaheim game last night. He deserves it. I'm a Caps fan and listen to his radio calls quite a bit. Very good play by play man in my opinion

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ONIONS! What a guest these AA podcasts are so great

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This isn't any one day. But I think it's worth mentioning. 

I absolutely love any of the nights in late April/early May where both the NBA and NHL playoffs are in the conference quarterfinals and MLB is a few weeks into its season. (Not to mention it is light outside longer and spring is in the air!). 

Just like Yoder noted about the NCAA Tournament, I think having multiple games on at once really makes this awesome. A few years ago the NHL made it so ALL of the playoff games are televised nationally. If you are savvy with the remote or have multiple screens going, there is no shortage of action/drama on these nights.

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Great post Matt,I 100% agree. The playoff overtime hockey analogy is a winderful example. Only break in action is to clean the ice, even then the tv coverage stays in the arena. 

I know its mainly the NFL product that makes the Redzone channel so popular, but how great is it that they have zero commercials?! I can here Hanson in my head now saying "We don't do commercials on NFL Redzone!"

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Should be some stiff competition

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I swear if you close your eyes Spanarkel sounds just like Mayock in the booth. Even the way they break down plays has a similar cadence and style

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