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Thank you for your correlation of the blog to the sacred cow, it was very effective.  I can appreciate the question you ask, although I agree with Ike's answer being a loud No and his valid points on the importance of online media. Digital communications strategy overall for corporations is critical to their future growth.  I think your point should awaken those corporations whose readership is diminishing to dig deeper and ask the questions to identify what value their customers and prospects are getting from their overall digital communications.  If that value is truly diminishing than they need to reevaluate and adjust their strategy.   Like you said, the demand and consumption for online media in both b2b and b2c is required and will continue to grow as will the new technologies to support that growth.

2 years, 6 months ago on Have Corporate Blogs Become Sacred Cows?


Another asset of having such a dynamic corporate culture that is communicated and admired by its people is the ability to use it to hire the right candidates when expanding your company. While skills and experience are important baselines, the ability to fit into and believe in the culture are as critical for long-term success. Thank you for sharing, it reminds us that being unique is a positive.

3 years, 3 months ago on Three Values to Hold High in 2012


Always wise in an entertaining way you are. While I share the experiences of the other women business leaders, I too have learned to focus my energy on celebrating the differences between the genders and hope to continue to get better at using my "woman powers" in creative ways.

Idk if any of the other women readers have this same experience but I have definitely noticed a tangible difference and relief of the stereotypical behavior between men and women in the Gen Y and Millennials.

3 years, 8 months ago on Achieving Workplace Equality


From one double type A, fiercely independent woman to another, I love the message in your post and congratulate you and Patti both for making your employment marriage work. Patti-it has been a pleasure talking with you and I look forward to following your tweets. If you have a sister who is looking for a job, please send her my way.

3 years, 9 months ago on #FollowFriday: Patti Knight