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So a broken jaw gets 2 games and a linesman getting aggressive and then elbowed is worth 10? I'd say the NHL Players Assocation clearly sees that the league talks a good game about player safety but is obviously more concerned with their own.

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Great, great win. Been a fan since 1970 so I guess we're conditioned to have our hearts broken time and again. Yes, thank you 1994. Having said that, they will be the least likely team to be hoisting the Cup of those remaining, even the Canadiens will have the edge at the Bell Centre. The game that is being played out west is on an entirely different level: faster, tougher, much more physical. Line after line of guys that are big and talented. In Chicago we'd be facing a 2 time  Cup winner with the best captain in the game and a sniper in Kane that always seems to score a big goal- please take notes, Rick Nash. The Ducks are beginning to steamroll with a goalie that looks to be this generation's version of Ken Dryden. Scary ability up and down the lineup. Bruins may be vunerable after the Canadiens have shown the template on how to beat them. Frankly, the Habs have been the better team throughout this round.

Our hope? That Hank continues to stone the opposition cold, that Boyle and Dominic Moore (who quietly was one of our most effective forwards) continue to frustrate the other top lines. McD has stepped up his game. What the hell happened to him for 5 or 6 games in the first 2 series. My belief is that he is our future captain. This is the round that Nash has to show us what he's got. Failure here is not an option, he's very lucky he was protected by the teams comeback. Let's get a hat trick and really break the schneid.

At the very least it's nice to imagine that the Captain-less Rangers have a shot to skate with the Cup. Would be a first if Hank is given it first and have a goalie skate around the Garden with it. 

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The central problem here is there has never been an institutional comprehensive long term vision that Sather has engineered. Lack of great scouting has turned up too many empty picks that could have established a strong foundation. We go one way for a couple of years than trade that philosophy for something else.

The only solution here is for Dolan to throw as much cash @ JD to get him over here and set a future for the franchise. The Blues and now the Blue Jackets both will have more sustainable success than this team.

BTW, would you take the production and grit of Dubinsky, Anisimov and Prust right now over the perimeter player that Nash has become? No brainer there. A team with that make-up would also present a tougher challenge to the heavy. talented teams that will be in the Finals- the Bruins, Ducks, Kings, or Sharks. This team (even if they win tonite- which is debatable at this point) is NOT winning the Cup. Playing a round or two should not be looked upon as a success.

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I believe this is Stephane Quintal's email address (the league's Dir of Player Safety);

Here's what I wrote to him today:

In a league that professes to care about player safety, can you please explain how a player who makes a deliberate attempt to knock someone out with a head shot is not suspended? If and when the players sue the league about the disregard the administration of the league has towards player safety, your actions have provided ample evidence.

In this cast I refer to the clear targeted hit to the head that Matt Read directed at Daniel Carcillo the other night. Can’t help but conclude that the severity of the suspension is directly related to the offended player. Hard to fathom that if Sidney Crosby or Steven Stamkos were hit that the league wouldn’t have reacted swiftly and decisively. Pathetic and obvious. Was not the hit intentional, was not the intent to target the head? Those two factors alone should be reason for suspension. Please explain why that did not qualify? The fact that Carcillo came back to the ice is irrelevant. Collectively, absorbing hits like this may have an impact years from now when your oversight will be less obvious. To let the base line of suspend-able offenses only kick in when a player get injured is to bury you head in the sand and ignore the long-term impact of illegal plays like these.

Credibility in your position will only be earned when we see even-handed justice. Wake up and do your job.

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The team needs to wake up from this mini-swoon. Stralman hs been a turn-over machine the last couple of games and John Moore, where were those flashes of brilliance you showed last year? Just not enough consistency this year.

STOP playing with JT Miller's head. The kid was one of our best forwards since the break. He helped win the game against the Blackhawks and scored against the Bruins. His reward? Gets sent down again so a stiff like Dorsett can do nothing for us. Oh, except take a penalty against the Flyers that turned into the game winner. Bring the kid up and keep him in the line up, we need a few more sand-paper types without Cally wearing the Blueshirt.

Stepan is an anchor on that first line. He's taking Nash down with him. No speed, limited creativity, he opens up no skating room for 61. This may be radical, but Dominic Moore can skate; see that burst against the Leafs? Demote Stepan to the PK and 4th line where he may have enough skill to make an impact. Moore will bang in the corners more for the puck and may create some better chances for Nash. RIght now BTW, the Nash trade is tilting west in favor of Columbus. Artie and Dubie have size and aren't afraid to use it. Stepan is a non-entity right now, please don't let him ruin Nash.

Lastly, King the Olympics are OVER, you lost to Canada. Make a big save every now and then. You've been mediocre to poor without Torts' system in front of you. See the puck, stop the puck. Right now you're playing like JD. I'm not talking about JD back in '79, I'm talking like you're playing like JD is in the net at his current age. Wake up and get your head on right.

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Which is why that GM is no longer the GM in Montreal.

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Yeah, Winnipeg's GM would have to be smoking crack to agree to that. Love how we assume GM's in other towns aren't watching or scouting our players. We know MDZ is flaming out and Boyle plays hard once every two weeks, yet professionals whose livelihood is partly based on making these evaluations doesn't know that? Kane and Bylf are two studs. Come on get real.

1 year, 9 months ago on Rangers With Just $11.1 Million Under Cap


Does Sather realize the Blue Jackets of the past few years were not exactly the 1979 Montreal Canadiens? You build a winner by trading or drafting proven winners. We are morphing into an team with too much mediocre talent.

1 year, 9 months ago on Asham, Powe Placed on Waivers


Rangers need to re-sign Dave Balon and Billy Fairbairn first before dipping into the market.

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Nothing like blind allegiance to Slats and Dolan. I must have missed it someplace that since those 2 took over there have been multiple parades down the Canyon of Heroes. Accepting mediocre results over their reign of error does not excuse the relative success if making it to the second round these past 2 years. You're the one that's wailing away, WAAAH, weave my Wangers awone. Critical analysis requires objective thinking; calling yourself a singular devoted fan has caused you to lose that persoective

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The Rangers should only trade Hank if they can get back Darrelle Revis.

1 year, 10 months ago on Lundqvist Extension Talks Begin; Richards Decision Coming Shortly; No Commitment on Clowe


@HadEnough1 You forgot Chris Kostopoulous

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Not interested in Briere. Have you been paying attention to what wins Cups? It's goaltending- we can check that off and next it's depth and bruising forwards who can finish. Look at last years Kings, and both the Bruins and Hawks this year. The Rangers are loaded with small forwards that just get plastered into the boards. See: Zucc, Hags, Stepan, Brassard, yes, even Cally. They need the rare combo of guys with snarl that can finish. Oddly enough, even with their small size they are not a particularly fast team.

Last component is a punishing D with one of those guys hopefully possessing a bomb on the point for the PP. 

Until we add those elements we are not going anywhere. Get bigger, faster, tougher first.

1 year, 10 months ago on So What Happens to Messier?


Yes you are. The B's have been the better team. If not for Rask letting in a freebie, this series is over already. I wish I was wrong, but Bruins will close it out.

1 year, 11 months ago on Kreider Given Maintenance Day; McD on Power Play; Same Line-up Likely


It's clear that the Rangers are getting pushed around this series. Hags, Brassard, Zucc, Stepan, and even Cally are too small collectively. MDZ and Eminger are a liability. The most amazing stat is that even when the Bruins get no PP's, they turn the Rangers lack of success on their PP into momentum. Lundqvist can't do it alone, although he did put up a valiant effort last night. In the offseason, they need a banger and crease clearer as the #1 priority. How many goals have been screens from the point? Seems like since Beukeboom they haven't had a monster back there. Although they miss Staal, he wouldn't have been a difference maker. Dump Richards and see if you can pry Weber from the Preds (yes, I know he has a huge contract), but they need to get tougher and play with more snarl. This squad is relatively small but the trade-off usually is in goal scoring and talent; this team manages to be both small and lacking finishers.

1 year, 11 months ago on Stralman Likely Out for Game 4; Clowe Skates; Powe Clower


Hard to hear those comments directed at a guy who brings hustle and heart to every game. What possible benefit could there be in doing this? Torts and Sullivan have 'orchestrated' this pathetic outfit for years now. Maybe time to look in the mirror before throwing one of your own under the bus. Disappointing to see a coach do this in the middle of a series. Love to see Hags pop in a couple today; of course Torts will take credit for lighting a fire.

1 year, 11 months ago on Video: Torts, Rangers Ready for Game 2


MDZ has been a liability every time he's on the ice. You can see he's making wrong decisions, gets caught out of position, absolutely no consistency to his game right now. Stralman on the other hand has been fabulous. He made a play late that negated a 2 on 1 that could have saved the game. Takes the body well along the boards. Moore has definitely supplanted him as the rushing, power play specialist. I realize Emminger overplayed the puck that lead to the 2nd goal, but MDZ was slip-sliding all over the ice. Should have benched MDZ after that. The shame of it is we were building a great young D, but the injuries to Sauer and this set-back to Staal have put that on hold. Imagine a group of Girardi, McDonough, Sauer, Moore, Staal, and Stralman? Pretty damn good. Unfortunately don't think we'll ever see it.

1 year, 11 months ago on Staal Pulled Himself From The Line-up


The funny thing is when Nash came here they were saying he'll finally be playing with a world class center. Who knew that his former teammate and current teammate may always have been the better option.

1 year, 11 months ago on I Think Brassard Enjoys Playing in New York


Watch for Dorsett tonight, we need him to bring the edge Prust brought us last year. Funny thought about the PP. They never looked better than they did on the trade deadline day when they popped in 3 versus the Pens with no practice time together. Just shows that they may be over-coached on the PP. When the team played with more instinct they were off the charts. Torts has to re-evaluate the way the PP is set up, something is getting lost in translation.

1 year, 11 months ago on Torts: I Think We're Close


The OT may not be the worst thing, if they win tmw they really are putting heat on the Isles, open up a 3 pt lead on the Jets and because it was not a regulation win could likely win a tie breaker against the Isles due to their better record against them. If the Jets had won, they would have snuck into 8th tmw if the Rangers lose tmw; this way they are guaranteed 8th for at least another day. It'll all play out. The bigger crime was the Rangers losing to the Panthers a couple of weeks ago. If they miss the playoffs THAT'S the game they'll point to.

2 years ago on Maintenance Day for Moore; X-rays for Dorsett & Tinted Visor for Staal


Nightmare scenario is it comes down to the last game of the season and the Devils are in a position to have us knocked out. They'll play desperate hockey- the Rangers are the LAST team they'll lay down for. Need to win tonite, the Sabres are coming on too, they are always tough up there.

2 years ago on Rangers @ Sabres (Game 44)


Funny thing about the Power Play. The best they've looked was on the trade deadline day. What does that tell you? The players instincts are better than the "system" they are forcing on them. That night they played with ingenuity and creativity. Since then presumably the coaching has taken that out of their game. One other comment, I understand puck possession but their offensive plays always seem to be sending 3 guys behind the net to cycle and swing it back along the wall. That is a losing style of play. Let the players play with some freedom. No way we should be a bottom feeder in goals scored this year.

2 years ago on Rangers 3, Maple Leafs 2, SO


Solid game, the team is finally forging an IDENTITY. Tough on the forecheck, banging in the corners, hard to the net. Let's see some consistency tonight in Carolina.

2 years ago on Rangers 1, Penguins 2 (SO)


We can sure use the toughness but for a team that is desperate for goals, getting a guy with a goose-egg in that category is not promising. We could be getting a guy on his way down. Yet another 'admission' by Sather that letting Prust and Mitchell go was a mistake. The two of them would have come close to equaling Clowe's deal. GM's always forget that you can't buy heart and Prust bled Ranger blue baby.

2 years ago on Rangers acquire Ryane Clowe


Before we start sizing the rings up let's see how they play vs the Pens. Pittsburgh has owned the Rangers the last few years but especially this one. Our D is way too slow when Hamrlik is in there. I agree that we should insert Gilroy, at least the man can skate and against the Pens we can't be flat-footed. Amazing that Sather was willing to dole out 3.5 Million pro-rated for Hamrlik but didn't want to pay a Black & Blue player like Prust. For my money, the biggest difference btwn last year and this year's squad. 


We can't fall into the one good game, two bad anymore. There is no more margin for error. Let's face it if we sneak in as a 7th seed or 8th seed we'll be done in 5 games at most if we play the Pens or Canadiens- we just don't match up well with either of those teams. Please spare me the LA Kings as 8 seed last year- that was a team with grit and polish.This Ranger team has no where near that talent level of compete those Kings had. Our only shot is if we go on a roll and grab the 6th seed then play the SE winner- at least we'd have a shot although I do like the way the Jets play with speed and size. The Canes are also tough on home ice. Let's get there first.

2 years ago on Rangers 4, Jets 2


Inexplicable is the 64 cent word to describe the Rangers this year. The team too often plays like it has a cavity in their collective chest where their hearts should be. Other than Cally, Girardi, McD, Nash, Hags, and Lundqvist from night to night we just don;t know what we're going to get. To be outplayed consistently at the start of games is an indictment of both the players and coaches. To have scored the first goal in only a dozen games means we're fighting uphill with a lineup that can't score with consistency. This team, even if we sneak into the playoffs is DOA. 

2 years ago on Rangers Not Beating the Top Teams


If our salvation is in Jesper Fast and Mats Zuccarello then let's be honest and start looking ahead to next year. If we think these two will get us over the hump and enable us to beat either the Pens or Bruins in the East or Anaheim, Chicago, or Minnesota in the West I'd like what Sather is smoking in those cigars of his. This Ranger squad has no identity, their 3rd and 4th lines provide no punch both literally and figuratively, and the defense lacks a thumper. If Roman Hamralik is the answer then we have forgotten the question. The goal is not only to make the playoffs, it's to win the Cup. Who cares s we lose in the first round? Rangers luck is we actually miss the playoffs and win the lottery for the first pick and then have to surrender it to Columbus. If that nightmare scenario happens, hold off all bets on the winner of the Nash trade. 

2 years, 1 month ago on REPORT: Rangers and Sweden Reach Compromise on Fast Situation?


Bickell and Newbury for Crosby and Malkin.

2 years, 1 month ago on Halpern Claimed by MTL, Bickel on Waivers


Back in the day, a few years after the Rangers had made their Cup run in '72 they traded a young talent, Rick Middleton for a washed up Ken Hodge. Middleton went on to score over 400 goals, Hodge played 1 more season and retired. That trade alone helped bury the Rangers for years to come. If they tempt fate and trade Kreider (also after a near Cup run) for an older player with a year or two left they will be going down the same path. This Ranger squad has too many flaws to be considered a Cup challenger this year. They tore the heart and talent of the 3rd and 4th line players of last year and thought they were easily replaceable. They should have kept Prust and Mitchell and paid them. What did we get for Halpern's 'production?'- 1 assist? More importantly they lost their heart. Brian Boyle also seems lost without Prust, so that's a double hit. When players are proud to wear the sweater and bleed Ranger blue you hold on to them. Sather forgot the value of that. 

2 years, 1 month ago on Source Confirms Rangers Interest in Boyle