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Hi Daniel, wanted to say thanks. Focused post here, real tips you can make actionable immediately ... Kudos.

3 years ago on Photography for Social Media: 5 Detailed Tips


 @robgranholm Hi Rob, so sorry to only get to this now, but I just noticed the comment, thank you. I can't speak for other platforms, but I can for TopCoder because I not only work for them, but I utilize our community all the time to create digital assets. Keep in mind, we are an enterprise level platform. When I go to create something, I personally do not need to understand the technical aspects. I interface with what we call TopCoder copilots, these are community members - individuals - who have risen to a very respected and consistent rating level at TopCoder - without getting too detailed - the copilot becomes my technical manager. He or she takes my idea(s), asks the necessary questions, and shows me a "roadmap" consisting of the # of competitions, the expected budget and timeline it will take to bring my idea to fruition through the platform. In fact, it's worth noting, many times the very first contest in the chain has several copilots drawing up road maps and presenting them as the first output. I then choose my favorite output and thus my copilot for this project. The copilot then launches the necessary contests. Yes, I do interface with the copilot - almost daily during these contests - but they are quick discussions, usually through email or our internal "cockpit" - I offer my guidance, my recommendations as submissions begin to flow in and winners (for that contest) are selected. Typically, those outputs feed into another stage of development and so on until the final output is created. Throughout this process, I have a LOT of other work to do. For TopCoder I manage the social accounts, am the primary author on the blog, help plan our event strategy and help execution on myriad other things ... Traditionally, I simply couldn't bring the types of digital assets I am bringing to life because A) I wouldn't have the time and B) I don't have the personal know-how ... Through the platform I'm doing my core work and helping to create value through other contests that I lead from a strategy position, but the technical management is handled via the copilot, who again is a specialized community member ...


I know this might sound a bit strange or perhaps it doesn't ... but when I talk about force-multiplication of the individual and creating assets in a massively parallel fashion, the above is exactly what I mean. I can talk about my experience, because I lived it ... Many of our clients are Global 1000s and we can't mention them by name - I do invite you to watch a small section of this webinar - - Around the 25 minute mark we discuss metrics from a Fortune 50 client of ours (again no name, sorry) where we showcase the force-multiplication rate of their 6 month pilot and then their astounding projection of productivity multiplication for 2012 (which is now well on it's way to being achieved). It's a very real metric as they compare what a traditional FTE can produce at 100% capacity and then compare it to real world production through the platform. The amount of work (and highly innovative work) individuals are accomplishing is staggering. 


So, I completely get your point and your comment, because I'm not a technologist and I have personally struggled with various plugins from time to time! But when I operate through this platform, I don't need to be one. (Let me say it is NEVER a bad thing to be broader and deeper in your knowledge expertise!!!) What I do need to do is re-learn how to do my job, my real "work", while strategically leading other projects. There is a balance, we all have our point of saturation ... but the overall amount of outputs I'm delivering are way, way up.


OK, that was long. Thanks for the good comment though, hope this novella helped sharpen the points made in the post. Thx Rob. 

3 years, 1 month ago on Marketers, Here are the Keys to Your IT Department – Good Luck


Nice writing here Paul. This plays neatly into some of the thoughts on an earlier C&C guest blog post I had the good fortune of contributing on the evolved role of marketing in IT & Digital asset creation - 


Taking it one step further - the rise of the generalists will also canvass those who understand how to access hyperspecialists through outcomes-based knowledge platforms. So the generalist may not need to be so well rounded (though that can never hurt someone's acceleration to exceptional), but instead can master how to access and derive value from the platforms that exist.


The major advantage here is the ability for the one individual to essentially force-multiply their efforts through platforms and create value on a scale that is not yet widely seen. In a traditional setting, the generalist can tackle many things, but there is always some point of saturation, a point where there next bit of work they take on begins to weigh on the outcomes of all the work they are involved in. 


We're seeing this unfold in real ways within Global 1000 enterprises as they attempt to unleash their best employees to simply get more done ... 


Your writing and thoughts - IMHO - are spot on and I'd invite you to parlay them into the ideas of platforms to super-charge these neo-generalists - we're seeing amazing productivity, in very real world, corporate settings.


Thx for the great article.



3 years, 1 month ago on The Hybrids are Coming: Evolution of the Prototype Marketer


I'm still connecting with a lot of folks, but just using the Circles. For my world, I'm blogging about innovation and Crowdsourcing and it was always odd for me to post a post on Facebook knowing 99% of the peeps could give a darn about the post ... So the filtering it innately allows is great. I'm reading n' sharing articles with certain growing Circles without having to annoy my Highschool friends who would rather hear me chat about the NY Mets or Hot Pockets ;) ... I think G+ does negate the Dunbar Number simply because the circles act as their own networks.

3 years, 9 months ago on Popularity and Reciprocity are the Enemies of Connectivity