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@Persulla @Marika of RadiumCRM  you mentioned so that's what prompted my trying it out.  I agree about Evernote and the new work chat it has is great for project brainstorming I think

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On the list is, I'm still trying to get their system to email me a validation mail, not impressed as a first impression comment.  I'd review their inclusion in this list for that reason, if it doesn't work, it's in need of being fixed eh?

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Amen. I began my 'white space' by making from noon to 1 PM my 'do what needed done time' and it's called Lunchtime by some folks, so what happened was quite nice. I now look forward to noon, instead of it being another hour, it's mine to use as needed. After reading this post I know realize why I get up early some days and have some time to 'surf', catch up with emails from friends, clean up the fluff and nonsense in the email account, explore Google + more. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

3 years, 9 months ago on Working On Your Business, Not In It