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whooo hooo!

Who woulda thunk!

Surprise, not, that the pro-plastic-bag crew were all from areas no where near the beach, who don't see the beach pollution... Further, the Republican establishment coming down more and more on the side against local home rule is quite something; the NY Times article awhile back on how it is all playing out in Texas was very eye opening.

And I trust the stalwart women of the Garden Club(s) of Georgia had something to do with this - THANK YOU, LADIES! Here's to those who take preserving Creation as a call to actually DO something...

2 weeks, 6 days ago on Georgia Legislature provides a few wins for environmentalists: Solar energy, plastic bags


All this is very interesting given the large article in today's NY Times Business Section on how government assistance is not going to those who need it most. Touting 5% of units, 3 units out of how many?, is paltry compared to the need. The long-standing battle between housing advocates and Atl Beltline Inc over letting developers off the hook for affordable units was long and well documented by Atlanta Progressive News - i'm sure they'd be willing to share their reporting, since the Beltline folks aren't releasing their numbers.

2 months ago on Atlanta’s new housing strategy renews focus on homes affordable to low- and mid-income workers


JWK, your assessment that his petulant and dictatorial behaviour is his achillies heel is being quite charitable.

2 months, 1 week ago on Adair Park Caught In Dispute Between Mayor Reed and Atlanta Public Schools


So, when Beverly Hall wanted to sell properties, Shirley Franklin didn't throw a tantrum and string her up. Reed is touting that he can manage a budget, that APS can't - so if APS wants to shed dead weight and improve their balance sheet, Reed's posturing is complete spoiled brat'dom. Somehow i doubt Mary Norwood would have pulled the same stunt.

2 months, 1 week ago on Adair Park Caught In Dispute Between Mayor Reed and Atlanta Public Schools


The City and Georgia DOT are at absolute complete odds over implementation of street scape requirements and vehicular access. This is all pie in the sky until resolution is found with GDOT. That this study didn't include GDOT t the table for their direct oversight of a State Highway to begin with is just stupifying. 

4 months, 1 week ago on Tech’s study of Memorial Drive produces a number of solutions


At what point does the State start looking into AirBnB -? Many are running their 'rentals' as an actual business, skirting the law, the hotel/motel taxes, the inspections, the insurance, and everything else designed to protect guests. The City of New York found that fully one-third of posted rentals were actually companies skirting regulations and not paying taxes, and from personal experience I know the same thing is happening in the City of Atlanta. I'm sure it's also happening in Savannah and other tourist destinations...

5 months, 1 week ago on State House resumes debate over regulating Uber-type taxi service


25mph is delusional

It would be nice to know, however, why the City's not bought out more business owners/churches to finally finish the green swath from the Gold Dome to Oakland

5 months, 2 weeks ago on Tech’s analysis of Memorial Drive gains political boost via attention from two Atlanta councilmembers


So much for the Beltline promise of preserving historic buildings

5 months, 2 weeks ago on BeltLine a player in dense projects near Piedmont, Fourth Ward parks


I am very leery of insiders. Outside perspectives often are a good thing, and sometimes have fewer chits owed to the establishment. I think i'd prefer someone with an actual planning degree at this point, although i'm very partial to Gibson guitars~

5 months, 3 weeks ago on City faces 'distinct' choices among three finalists for Invest Atlanta CEO


The saga of poor management continues. I have had two more neighbors relate their issues with being yelled at by officers for unposted sidewalk closures.

Then come to find out a man was shot during a mugging Saturday night just after the peak wave of folks left the park in Midtown (he was drunk and went for the gun, was shot in the hand). Further, seems there were two other muggings even closer to the park, I assume still under investigation to determine if related or not.

I've not yet heard if there were any muggings in Virginia Highlands yet.

So APD patrols before and during the event, but no protection for late at night when attendees are wandering about trying to find their cars and are at their most vulnerable.

7 months ago on Peter Conlon: Music Midtown is good for Atlanta — and Piedmont Park


I really don't know where to begin.... When the little old ladies of Old Fourth Ward raised holy heck about the pictures falling off the walls of their homes b/c of how loud it was, the City listened but quick. When Midtown howls about gridlock, park damage, disruptions to two schools for a week, EMS safety access concerns, lack of trash cleanup, etc etc etc, the City tells us to go suck an egg. - See more at:

7 months, 2 weeks ago on Peter Conlon: Music Midtown is good for Atlanta — and Piedmont Park


It would be very interesting to read a 'follow the $' of California movie industry campaign contributions, Mayor Reed, and Tyler Perry, etc. and some of these land deals

A version of 6 Degrees of Separation, or the Kevin Bacon game...

Define "inclusion" - oh, I don't know, how about being informed from the start -? Getting invited to meetings when they're planned -?

Nah... can't do that, then I can't do what I want...

9 months ago on Who’s tending the chicken coop? Atlanta activists question sale of public assets to private investors


A number of blog posters on Creative Loafing have really combed thru the contract, and it is by no means a benefit for student broadcasters. If you're interested in what will not fall their way, take 30-odd minutes to crawl thru the various articles' postings. The students really got jipped.

As far as geezer guilt goes - i'm pushing decade #5, and find college radio keeps me much more in tune with where the country is going... and WRAS has a number of interesting talk programs, such as 'With Good Reason' which i listened to today (had a segment on child rearing in the 1500s and 1600s) and then the ever-bombshell 'Commonwealth Club' broadcasts. Some of their other programs don't float my boat as much, how it goes.

There has to be a greater end-game of GPB for this Chip Rogers dejavualloveragain debacle. $150k for a multimillion dollar prize? Yeah, right... even WREK was going to be pimped out for a bigger sum if memory serves. At least GaTech didn't cave

11 months, 1 week ago on Demolition of Album 88 another sad step toward sameness


Back in the day, it was widely discussed that the Eastside TAD was not on the up and up, that massive developments already underway were roped in under the TAD - completely contrary to the rules establishing TADs, such as Lindburg redevelopment by MARTA and City Hall East. But no matter the original slight of hand that was by no means slight...

No where is it discussed how much money ADA / Infest Atlanta / COA owes APS/ABOE, nor any inkling of a timeline of when those arrears payments will be made.

Mr. Pendered - would you please elaborate?

11 months, 2 weeks ago on Atlanta City Council wants some TADs closed to free millions of tax dollars for use elsewhere in city


Mike Dobbins has saved Atlanta's bacon more than once. Hopefully he can pull another rabbit out of his hat, and Reed will actually have the presence of mind to listen and implement.

But since we can readily observe the wonderous impacts of parking lots on neighborhoods surrounding the Ted, and this is what Reed's office has come up with for Castleberry Hill, I doubt Reed has the intellectual fortitude to comprehend and execute.

1 year, 5 months ago on Choices around new Falcons stadium — parking lots or people places


I think the phrase is something along the lines of "it's like taking candy from a baby"

The only defense Mr. Willis has is a good offense, as he has already thoroughly explored the option of being offensive

1 year, 6 months ago on Willis to Franklin, Woolard, Dickens: Mind your ethics before attacking mine; Franklin fires back


But it's ok for a politician to meddle in the School Board -???

What is Kasim Reed's professional resume in education -? Nothing.

Oh it's horrors when Shirley Franklin, a politician, backs another politician against Reed's chosen (and Willis was supposed to be tapped for our next mayor, so i remember hearing some years back), but it's ok for Reed to actively meddle in the ABOE and back Bev.Hall until the absolute last bitter dreg - after all the other corporate business elite had realized the gig was up and it was time to cut their losses.

And Reed is back to actively backing candidates for ABOE that he thinks he can control. Like it worked out so well last time for APS students, but then Reed doesn't have children in the system so~

1 year, 6 months ago on Willis unfit for office, say Franklin, Woolard; Attack ads possible against Franklin for role in council campaign


I suggest folks go visit that bastion of left-wing screaming, APN, for a less "whitewashed" accounting of Watson and Willis.

After Watson's racist screed against Andrean, I'm absolutely stupified that he ranked a "92"

As for Willis, the Supreme Court's review was much less charitable than what's reported here.

1 year, 6 months ago on Atlanta’s business, civic leaders content with performance of mayor, most city council members


Y'all seem to forget that Reed was a huge, staunch, resolute supporter of dear Dr Bev Hall as the crap got higher and deeper. Everyone else was finally realizing that there really was a stench wafting up from Denmark, and he and his political and business community cronies were digging in.

Didn't trust him then and don't trust him now.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and he just cannot get enough of it.

2 years, 4 months ago on Mayor Kasim Reed endorses Erroll Davis; he pledges to become more involved with Atlanta's public schools


Oh fiddle dee dee. Young is correct they didn't do their homework, never mind the $8M they spent. Most of the voting long-time inner city Atlanta residents I spoke with were either voting "against" (because: City incompetent, GaDOT incompetent, too much for OTP projects for lions share of $$ coming from ITP, too little ITP say at the governing table, heartburn at 9cent tax for 10 yrs, concern 9c tax makes Atl less competitive against other cities except Birmingham with 10c, concern about the unearmarked slushfund) or voted "for" but holding their collective nose that the deal stunk but they wanted projects to move forward. My suspicion is they listed to the intowner political crowd who feeds at the city trough or the intown hipster crowd which notoriously does not show up to vote - and did not listen to the intown crowd who actually does vote but has no political reason to care what City Hall / Mayor wants. And Delta getting exempt from the fuel tax and then exhorting their employees to shoulder a tax increase personally for the good of the region, and gas being exempt from tax (so much for paying for what you use), didn't help matters either. 

2 years, 8 months ago on Former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young reflects on failed T-SPLOST vote


This great divide between ITP or onTP vs way out OTP is very deep and very fundamental and really very simple. Sitting with parents from Gwinnett or Forsyth or Newton high schools, they have absolutely no earthly idea what life is like within the actual city limit. No idea where Piedmont Park is, no concept of walking to amenities (as opposed to closest thing is a Chick Fil A a mile down a road w/o a sidewalk), no idea there's a symphony or art center in town, no earthly idea what living in a condo tower is like, etc. Their world has absolutely nothing, nothing to do with some place 15 to 30 miles away. Doesn't matter what party they vote for, how much $$ they make, what color they are, nothing. Their worlds are literally worlds away. Just no one's made a point of pointing it out before via everyone's pocket book. There is no overriding sense of regionalism.

2 years, 9 months ago on Metro Atlanta faces ultimate test of whether we are a cohesive region


How in the world has anyone been on staff of ABI long enough to warrant pulling a pension to begin with? Shades of the Franklin administration~ I've always had the suspicion that the ABI was a juggernaut funding itself for itself more than anything else (someone derisively talking about his concerns donating to a 'charity' called it 'funding a lifestyle'), that and promoting/padding urban planning consultants, rather than actually accomplishing something... that much of the park work that's been implemented has come from continued large donations rather than their own coffers has always made me wonder where their own $$ really goes... how many sets of fancy renderings are really necessary on a tight budget in lean times? Never mind the howlings of the affordable housing advocates.

2 years, 10 months ago on BeltLine’s oversight questioned in two reports that could affect sales tax vote


High brow art for high price tags and the theatre scene may be in tight spots, but street art and dance in Atlanta is flourishing the likes of which i've not seen since before the Olympics. New galleries stocked by SCAD students and local alternative types continue to pop up and draw capacity crowds; dance troupes are getting visibility from the Goat Farm to the corner of 10th and P'tree; the Beltline's one true success as far as i'm concerned is making public art an expectation as well as a public event to be anticipated; multiple areas have art walks; which just leaves Eyedrum to get their collective act together. The DYI art crowd is a busy crew, with artists clamoring for exhibit space to showcase visual and wear-able art.There were so many gallery openings over the weekend there was no way to see them all, from the Atlanta Printmakers to Whitespace to a SCAD MFA show to early openings associated with the Westside art walk, Mason Muer (sp) had a huge do, the Goat Farm had its event, plus galleries up in Buckhead.

Oh, to Stephen Fleming - any idea what the visitorship is on Free Saturdays at the High, and how many school students visit annually?

2 years, 11 months ago on Atlanta's arts community at a crossroads — is the curtain closing?


The New York Times ran a large spread on this issue some time back; my apologies that I don't have time to go dig it out... It really flew in the face of the anti-immigrant posturings~ I (hazily) remember it also included interviews with teens and 20-somethings who were staying in Mexico to get an advanced education and a good job...

2 years, 11 months ago on What happens when Hispanics have no reason to immigrate?


NCDOT has always been considered a leader amongst state DOTs in the SE, and that was 15+ yrs ago. NCDOT adopted long ago steel cable interstate median divides, and it took GaDOT about 10 yrs to follow suit. They led in interstate on/off ramp flower plantings - making the drive into Asheville quite lovely when the cannas or wildflowers or whatever else was in bloom. And they didn't consider rail the death knell of their shooting pavement gravy train (such as the Lovejoy train debacle - unless someone's sticking a water line under the tracks to siphon off some other state's river). [I will not address the posting regarding caliber of staff hirings.]

GaDOT staff would privately whine about why the quantity of Marta stops so close to each other downtown, voiced unhappy thoughts regarding bike lane mandates, etc. It was discussed amongst staff that the reason the hike in the interstate speed limit was accepted by GaDOT, even tho' it was known to directly result in higher gas consumption and higher fatality rates, was that those far-flung employees would be able to get to work faster. No joke - although it was a joke amongst the staff. And those small-town bypasses were put in for the financial benefit of locals who owned the land - and at the expense of the downtowns lifeblood, folks passing thru who might stop for lunch and a quick windowshop, even tho' there were supposedly studies from planners who said they'd be bad for the towns (so much for an Economic Development System).

The next time you're driving around the state and see a 'bypass' sign, help out a fellow Georgian and actually spend another 10 min of your life and drive thru downtown. Stop and have lunch at a locally owned cafe. Meet a neighbor. Keep Georgia Green.

3 years, 8 months ago on GeorgiaForward can help propel the state into the future


Irrespective of the issue of using only one park of many for the majority of major events in the City (I personally believe that utilizing other parks in the city would bring much-needed attention to them and thus financial and phyical support), I have had great qualms about the high number of high-impact events at Piedmont Park this year.

The Atlanta region is only barely out of the drought zone (Georgia just made the NY Times for its drought), and Midtown suffers from the heat island effect greatly - so the rain blows over Midtown and reforms in points west or south.

The park's trees are in bad shape, diseases are continuing to sweep thru many species, the soil is compacted, and pouring multi-thousand event weekends upon the park only increases the toll.

Aeriating (sp) the soil by plugging I don't think begins to off-set the soil compaction from the stages, the heavy vehicles to set them up, etc.

Last year we had rain, this year not so much - I was thrilled to look on the radar and see real rain over Midtown for the first time in a long while...

As an aside, why not hold an event in the City's newest park spaces along Memorial -? I was so excited to see that come to reality, to have now nothing come of it all...

3 years, 9 months ago on Atlanta is reviewing its festival policies in the city's parks