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rangers looked in true form last night as did sam rosen yesterday when he introduced the green bay packer's opponent... the carolina... hurricanes :)

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He should absolutely be fired... the powerplay is atrocious and has been since he has got here.. last year they only made it where they did bc of lundqvist.. they had to take the 7 and 8 seed to a 7th game and lost to the 6th seed where tortorella was completely outcoached... we only beat the capitals this year because lundqvist didnt let in any goals in game 6 and 7.. we only made the playoffs this year because our last 10 games happened to be against the worst in the east... our offense is brutal.. lundqvist had a shutout at the end of game 2 of round 1 and we still lost.. he treats the players like kids.. he has no ability to adjust with the exception of changing the lines which does not work.. our best game of this season was clowe's brassard's and moore's first night which is a weird coincidence because they were never coached by big john.. it amazes me how nobody in the media comments on rangers offensive strategy.. just throw the puck up and tip it in and chase after it.. when do the rangers carry it in to the zone.. the spacing is terrible they play in the offensive zone in the little corner or have three guys behind the net chasing a puck... his coaching has nothing to do with outcomes.. he has one of the if not the best goalie in the game.. and has had two max and three at times on his roster

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Guys let’s face it.  The Rangers are just a bad team.  We have a center getting paid almost 8 million dollars to do what.  Lose face-offs, make blind passes, not score, and make the power play worse than it already it is.  We have a coach who can only adjust in game by either benching players or just changing the lines.  Our top line alone is worth over 20 million dollars and they cannot score.  We made it to overtime against the Capitals due to a fourth liner scoring and a lucky power play goal.  We beat the devils because Hedberg can’t handle the puck and let a goal in through his legs that a pee wee goalie would have saved.  If it weren’t for Henrik, we would be sitting down there with the Florida Panthers.  Oh, who by the way embarrassed us on home ice.  The rangers all around are just bad.  It would be nice for once to see the rangers take the puck from one end of the ice to the other by passing it and carrying it.  Not just slapping it around the boards or throwing it up the middle and doing a stupid fancy deflection and chasing after the puck.  It would be nice to see the rangers get the puck in the offensive zone and string together 3-4 nice passes and get a good scoring opportunity from a screen or deflection or a nice rebound.  Think back to our last 7 goals.  Against Washington Stepan’s goal was pure luck and while Asham’s shot was very nice the two on one developed solely because the Capitals defenseman made a bad decision chipping in. Against the Devils, we had two lucky goals – one because of Hedberg’s inability to stick handle and one because of Hedberg’s inability to close his legs.  Against Florida we had a measly breakaway by Gaborik that didn’t even matter.  Against the hurricanes Stepan had a goal because their goalie was knocked down and he had an open net.  I am not trying to take away anything in terms of scoring, I will take goals anyway I can get them.  But, why can’t the rangers score more goals like the second goal against New Jersey.  A couple passes, then Girardi takes a slap shot and Hagelin scores on a rebound off the boards.  The ranger’s best scoring chances come when they are shorthanded and that’s just pathetic.  The power play is atrocious.  We get pushed around in front of the net offensively and defensively.  Our defenders have a bright future in being baseball coaches because all they know how to do is slide all over the place.  If I am a general manager and I see our effort in the first period these games, I am thinking it is time to fire my coach.  I love Nash and after seeing his ability every game, I would not take back the trade but at the same time replacing Prust Duby Anismiov with Powe Boyle Halpen and Pyatt is just not cutting it.  The team is just lost.


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wouldn't mind seeing kreider hagelin and miller on a line with all that speed  stepan callahan and pyatt played well together at one point earlier this season



Powe-Halpern-Boyle (asham) 

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