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Jay - I had a feeling you would be doing a blog post about this campaign as soon as I received the email from Buca! I remember your remarks during the Indy Social Media breakfast about businesses and people being crazy about # of likes or followers...LOL.

I checked out Buca's Facebook page a couple of days after the campaign was "over." And guess what - a pretty substantial # of people complaining all over their wall. Why? Because the campaign wasn't clear. Not only did you have to "like" the page. But then you had to sign up for their email list (if you weren't already in it) in order to receive the coupon. A lot of people missed this point, so they were wondering where the coupon was.

Also, the coupon had very short amount of time for which you could redeem it. I don't remember exact amount of days but I am wanting to say like 3-5 days. As you can imagine, many "fans" couldn't make it there within that time period. They were pretty upset and I even saw some posts of people saying, "Thanks for nothing Buca!"

It all goes back to asking yourself if you are going to attract the "right" type of people by doing these types of promos. Do you want coupon chasers that are going to bitch the second they can't use their coupon? Or do you want people that truly "like" Buca anyway and are real "fans?"

3 years, 9 months ago on Did This National Restaurant Chain Put Too Much Love Into the Like?