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The only reason they want to ban raw milk and private crops is because they won't be able to regulate it and get the money from those regulations. It's all driven by money. The more food we have to buy with chemicals in it, the more money they make as all of those chemicals are regulated. It's a win/win situation for the government to outlaw home/private crops and foods. That was why the USDA was trying to get a national animal ID system in place back in 2011/2012, where EVERY farm (even people such as me with only a few animals) would have had to have a number AND every animal would have also had to have a number and a chip(RFID) on my farm. And if ANY of those animals ever left the property, even me taking a trail ride, I would've been required to give 24 hour notice to the USDA, and they wanted those farmers to pay for this privilege. But luckily it failed, so now in 2013 they are going after the home crops/foods instead. They want the money and they want the control. Everyone has to fight it or we will all lose out. If we all pay attention to the real news out there, we can put two and two together, they are slowly trying to take away ALL of our rights, little bits at a time until they get them all; food, guns, speech, health care, medical records and I could go on and on. This truly is just the beginning unless we stop and fight it now by contacting your state representatives and tell them where you stand and where you want them to stand for your votes.

2 years, 1 month ago on The FDA vs Raw Milk and the Constitution