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I was in out of the room due to a house full of guests, and less than half of them cared about what was happening in the game(husbands side). As sick as I felt after the loss, I felt better this morning when I read about the Rangers lack of success in the second game of every series since 2011. Yesterday's game was a wake up call. Four goals in game one, two quick ones in game two, their minds had moved on to the next round. This team has to find a way to beat a nasty, hardworking Flyers club. Driving to the net, a constant forecheck/backcheck, a successful powerplay and near perfect goaltending are required. In that spot for the NHL, there is a reason those players are holding the Stanley Cup and crying their eyes out! Every game is a battle and this team needs to raise its level of commitment if it wants to continue playing hockey into June.

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12pm on Easter Sunday? What am I supposed to do with my Brunch guests?

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