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I don't know if I would list Louisiana Tech as a cupcake. Of those eight games, they won two (Ole Miss and State), and the SEC was very lucky to have won three more (LSU, A&M and State.)

If anything, they are a cupcake that causes a bad case of indigestion.

10 months, 2 weeks ago on Meet The SEC’s Favorite Cupcakes


@John at MrSEC  wrote "If they're the same style of quarterback -- only Franklin's better -- why bring Mauk in.  And if it's to get him experience for next year, sorry, I think a West Division title is more important ..."

I was not aware that Missouri was in the SEC West. When did that move take place?

Obviously, I want Ole Miss to win, but you are making too big of a deal out of this. Pinkel is not a dummy, and he will play his quarterbacks in a manner in which he feels gives his team the best chance to win. Also, I am pretty sure he knows in which division Mizzou plays.

1 year, 5 months ago on By Continuing To Play Mauk, Missouri’s Pinkel Playing With Fire


How long before Alleva and Miles start complaining about being in the SEC West?

1 year, 5 months ago on Alabama’s Blowout Win Over Tennessee Won’t Help “Permanent Rival” Cause


"But then, the next day I walk up to the facility and I see my coach pull up in a brand new Lexus. Beautiful.”

Does he have the same attitude when he is driving into the Reliant Stadium parking lot in his nice car while the concession workers and field crew are walking to the stadium from the metro station? Probably not.

He got paid with a scholarship to get an education. I may be wrong on this, but getting an education was likely the last thing on his mind.

As long as universities continue to recruit players who have no desire to get an education, they will have to deal with rule breakers, malcontents and future/past felons. Don't get me wrong, I love athletics and I think they are an important part of the college system, but at some point, the institutions of higher education need to focus on bringing in true student athletes instead of just athletes. Until then, schools like Tennessee will continue to become nothing more than farm clubs of professional sports.

1 year, 7 months ago on Former Tennessee Running Back Arian Foster: “My Senior Year, I Was Getting Money On The Side”


Paying players isn't going to help Pinkel.

The schools pushing to pay players are going to ruin college football. The student "athletes" get paid enough with a free education and other perks while playing a game. Let's see how they would like it if their options were to take out loans up to their neck, work 20-40 hours a week, and/or join the military/guard.

If they do get their way and pay players, they should in turn require much tougher grade requirements.

1 year, 7 months ago on Mizzou’s Pinkel Says It’s Time To Pay (Some) Players


@John at MrSEC @fdsettle Truly amazing. Some punk Tweets lies, and you turn it into a platform to rant against the organization that the lies were targeting. The arrogance and self-righteousness of this site's editorial staff is becoming unbearable.

1 year, 9 months ago on Fair Or Not, Ole Miss Tied To Racism And The KKK Once Again


I would like to know what the author(s) was smoking while writing this. The arrogance toward the smaller conferences is laughable. I am going to take issue on several classifications.

First I am no BYU fan, but to classify the Cougars as cannon fodder is ridiculous. Do you not realize that over the past five years they have a winning record against BCS conferences, including an upset of No. 1 Oklahoma.

Second, how in the world can you classify Duke and Colorado as actual competition? Duke has not had a winning season during the five-year period, and Colorado has been horrible with a whopping 17-43 record. (Note: I am only highlighting Duke and Colorado, but there are several others (from the Big 5) that I can make a strong case against.)

Third, did you bother watching Louisiana Tech play the past two years? The Bulldogs were not cannon fodder, just ask the teams from the ACC, Big 10 and SEC if they are cannon fodder. Even though A&M beat Tech last year (59-57) I am sure Sumlin and crew would not classify Tech as cannon fodder. What a joke!

We know you have an agenda due to your open desire for a nine-game conference schedule, but this article makes you look silly.

The reality is that there are good football programs from the non-AQ conferences.

1 year, 10 months ago on UM, MSU: Masters Of Cupcakery… UGA, VU: SEC’s Toughest Schedulers


You are right, Country Charlie Pride has a great story. He is a great singer, too.

1 year, 11 months ago on Thought Of The Day – 5/14/13



Here is a breakdown of teams by conference who have won the NCAA championship in the past 20 years:

SEC (3 teams, 6 titles) - UK (3), UF (2) and Ark.

ACC (3 teams, 6 titles) - UNC (3), Duke (2) and Maryland.

Big East (2 teams, 4 titles) - UConn (3) and Syracuse.

PAC 12 (2 teams, 2 titles) - UCLA, Arizona

Big 12 (1 title) - KU

Big 10 (1 title) - Mich. State


As you can see, your championships/team argument holds little water. The SEC is at the top when it comes to spreading the championship titles.


I only go back 20 years because I believe it is more relevant, but just to let you know, the SEC is about on par with other conferences in regards to the number of teams who have NCAA tournament championships dating back to 1939. These include numbers on membership at the time a championship was won) Big East ( 3 - UConn, Syracuse and Georgetown), ACC (4 - UNC, Duke, Maryland and NC State), Big 12 ((Big 8) 2 - KU and *OSU), and Pac 12 (5 - UCLA, *Stanford, Arizona, *Oregon and *Cal) and Big 10 ( 5 - IU, Mich. Mich. State, *Ohio St. and *Wisconsin.) * Denotes only championship(s) won before 1960. Prior 1960 or so, the NCAA tournament was irrelevant as compared to the big fish at the time, the NIT. In other words, who gives a flip about what happened before 1960 because most of us were not alive and it was a far different game.The numbers for the Pac 12 and Big 10 lower by about half, which puts them there with the SEC.


Here is some more data that supports the fact that the SEC deserves respect as a basketball conference:


Total NCAA Championships by conference: 1. Pac 12 (15) 2. ACC (12). 3 SEC (11) 4. Big 10 (10) 5. Big East (6)


Championships by current conference membership: 1. Pac 12 (16) 2. ACC (12). 3 SEC (11) 3. Big East (11) 4. Big 10 (10)


The bottom line is simple: Historically, the SEC is no slouch when it comes to basketball when compared to the other BCS conferences and is not getting its due when it comes to respect as a basketball conference.


As for this year, no one has yet to justify why the MWC received more bids than the SEC.

2 years ago on Reputation Is Everything For The SEC… In Football And In Basketball


NCAA basketball championships by conference over the past 10 years: SEC - 3, ACC - 3, Big East - 3 and Big 12 - 1.


The past 20 years: ACC -6, SEC - 6, Big East - 4, PAC 12 - 2, Big 12 -1 and Big 10 -1.


History says that the SEC deserves a reputation of being a top basketball conference, especially compared to the mighty Big-12 and Big 10.


As for this year, any one who takes a close look at the MWC OOC victories over quality opponents (and trust me, you will have to look hard) will find that five bids are unjustified. Basically all they did was beat up on each other. With the exception of possibly New Mexico, all those teams will be gone by the end of the second round.


Mr. SEC, I enjoy your site and I agree the vast majority of you posts, but the SEC deserved at least one more bid.

2 years, 1 month ago on Reputation Is Everything For The SEC… In Football And In Basketball