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I'm with the Denver fans only I want Simms off CBS Sports altogether. He's a moron and proves it on every broadcast.

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Saban never had trouble getting production out of Trent. Running backs coach David Walker needs to look at film from Tren't's college days and start using him effectively. The O-line for the Colts probably isn't as good as Alabama's was back then either.

Like Yogi said, you can observe a lot just by watching.

Or they can trade him to Green Bay and he can run tandem with Eddie Lacy and then no one will stop 'em.

I'd rather see him go to the Bronco's though since Peyton's my man.

Roll Tide !

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I wouldn't be too quick to judge but I guess that's what writers get paid to do. What could they write about if not something like this ?

Brad Gagnon could have written the last three weeks were an aberration and Peyton will be back to form for the second half. Of course, Gagnon might be a Brady fan.....

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I'm sure this is tongue-in-cheek reporting but its definitely true Musberger gave Webb a career boost.

 I'm also not sure why Herbstreit mentioned her again to Musberger knowing the trouble that was stirred up during the Championship game. I don't know what the big deal about that was anyway. Musberger was just admiring a beautiful woman and some social media 'group' got their knickers in a twist.

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Finebaum didn't mislead anyone. Nick _will be in Texas.This is another example of poor journalism from misspellings (many), to bad grammar, and in this instance jumping on something thinking there's a scoop to be had.

The only person 'scooped' is Tim Polzer, the SI journalist who wrote the article.

I think Finebaum would have brought _major attention to this if Saban was actually going to UT for an interview.

Apparently Polzer didn't realize Nick is right where he wants to be. Who would leave Alabama for Texas anyway ?

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Alabama's going to win the National Championship _again despite what everyone else hopes including Ohio State. Texas A&M is in for a_big surprise on 9/14/2013. Manziel isn't going to get any lucky bounces like last year and the Bama defense is going to eat him up.

 Roll Tide !!

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Meyer is arrogant (with his psychology degree) and can't beat an SEC team in the BCS Championship so even if he does post a good season he'll lose, especially if he has to play Alabama. I could tell by his attitude during halftime of the BCS this year that he thought Ohio State should have been there and could beat Alabama.

Think again Urban, and Roll Tide (again) for an unprecedented number 4 in 5 years !!!!

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