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Alaska has introduced similar nullification laws as well as an open invitation to gun and ammo makers to re-locate here....since WE are a 'gun friendly' state! That move would also eliminate many of the 'commerce' laws that allow the federal government to meddle in state affairs under the guise of interstate commerce.


We also have OPEN CARRY here and no one even looks at you if you wear your firearm on your hip.


Along with nullification, we can also use civil disobedience. Ghandi used that to overturn the British Empire in India.


Canada rejected mandatory registration in that way by THE PEOPLE filling out and sending in so many fabricated forms that the system was overwhelmed.


Human ingenuity being what it is, we need to find creative ways to "monkeywrench" the system and cause it to not work. The government may have way too many people in their workforce - but not enough to enforce an unpopular law when the PEOPLE reject it!



2 years, 1 month ago on Don’t Comply. Nullify!