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I don't see how they can miss the playoffs this season. Furthermore, (unrelated) I don't understand how a Hawks team that seems to be selling off the Stanley Cup members one by one is still getting all of this hype. The Wings, Preds, Jackets, and Blues have all gone out and improved their team this offseason, and in my opinion, the Hawks went backwards, but yet they are still getting hype. I don't get it. (Now back to the Blues...)

I am one of those people who was pleased with the Blues off-season signings. Some may think we lost our youth with Arnott and Langenbrunner, but I think we needed it. Although their scoring has declined in recent years, I don't think these guys are going to be stealing ice time from a more talented player than either of them.

The Blues didn't need more offense, they needed more consistency. Consistency in goal, yes, but also consistency from the 1st line to the 4th line. We can't be wasting 2 shifts while we get lines 1 and 2 rested so they can get out there again and score. If you have enough depth to give you 4 solid lines of offense, then your 3rd and 4th line should be much more productive against the average team during those shifts.

I think the Blues have enough depth this year to pile on goals in those 3rd and fourth lines, which will be a huge help.

3 years, 8 months ago on Are the Blues Playoff Bound?


I'm a Blues fan! Twitter account: @drewhaef

On The Ice: Looking at this roster for the upcoming season gets me excited. Four full lines of great offensive talent along with a pretty darn good blue line as well. I just want to see some certainty in goal. Hopefully Jaro can turn it around this season!

Off The Ice: Whoever, the new owner may be, I want them to realize and respect what they have in St.Louis. This is not a team that should have to worry about ownership problems. The fan base is too loyal to have this weighing on our minds!

3 years, 9 months ago on Frozen Notes 1k Contest