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I didn't know it was offensive.  I'm no broadcaster, but I have a degree in journalism, and I don't recall a lesson about slurs that are offensive to people of Polish descent.  How would you know it's offensive unless the situation has come up before?  And by his reaction, I don't think it has.  He doesn't have the benefit of hindsight here.  His Polish broadcast partner backed him on Twitter, saying his partner "is not mean spirited in any way."  Do you really think he would say it if he knew it was offensive?  If it were a black player do you think he would have said "hack a n...?" 

3 weeks, 3 days ago on


I have a feeling if Bill Simmons or Dan and Jay on Fox Sports live did this, you would be praising this display for being brilliant and original. 

3 weeks, 5 days ago on


Now let's hope we all can move on from this.  I didn't know it was an offensive term, and chances are neither did he.  Now we know that it's offensive, so he apologized multiple times and now we should move on. 

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