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I think a big part of the issue is that the Mets approach to hitting--they literally want their guys to hit it deep counts, and there are a lot of their guys--Ike chief among them--who just lost and unable to ever pull the trigger.  Sandy Alderson pulled a classic sell-low on this one (maybe he's calling Garth Snow and asking for trade tips) and NH took his lunch money.

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If anyone ever asks anyone else the question, "Why do you love baseball?", they should simply direct them to this post.

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It's a win in the bank; when opportunity knocks (i.e., when the team in the other dugout is the Cubs) you have to answer.

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In just shy of 2000PAs, Gaby Sanchez has all of five successful sacrifice hits.  Just sayin'.

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I think this deal ends up being a steal for the Bucs.

4 weeks ago on Heyman: Pirates agree to extension with Starling Marte


Years ago, Bill James wrote that one of the hallmarks of a bad organization was the refusal to try the unknown or unproven, preferring known meidiocrity to uncertainty.  If that doesn't descriobe the decision to start a season with Travis Ishakawa as the long half of a platoon, I don't know what does.

1 month ago on Pirates appear dangerously close to giving regular season at-bats on Travis Ishikawa