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Now I'm all red-faced :) 

Good question...

Basecamp provides value to whoever is managing it even if others don't log in, because it works nicely with email. You can post a message from Basecamp that gets sent as an email. When others respond by email, their response is posted to Basecamp. This is really useful for keeping conversations together. It's a great collaboration tool, but even if others aren't using it your to dos, files, conversations and due dates are nicely organized. 

Thanks for the question!

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@AshPrasad Thanks for the questions. 

1. We actually use both Hipchat and Google Hangouts and Hipchat is free for up to 5 people. We like it because it saves all conversations and allows you to search through the history. It also has a desktop app which automatically signs everyone in when they turn on their computer and their mobile chat is solid.

2. Yes, we should have an about us page. It's on my to do list, but it has never made it to the top of the list :) I am the founder of all three companies. 

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 @PhilipNowak  @ryanevans  @rodrakic  @timjahn  First off, @jessicalawrence  is super duper awesome. Showing off tech for it's own sake should be applauded and celebrated. Pitching or presenting a business idea without any thought to making money isn't a business or potential business, it's an idea. It only becomes a business idea when you consider ways to make money. Making that distinction clear makes for a more productive debate. 


Discussing business models shouldn't be trivialized though. I certainly don't find the conversation uninteresting. Business models are worthy of serious thought and conversation. Google's business model was brilliant and enabled it to change the world to the degree it has. The sustainability of Facebook and Twitter, and their lasting impact on the world, will ultimately come down to their business models. 


There is a time and a place to discuss everything, but if you're pitching a startup or a business idea, challenging your business model isn't just fair game, it's essential. 


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nicely done. beautiful design btw.

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