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Belly Ballot is an interesting company and concept. I even checked out the website. Transparency is always important. Trying to rig a contest or present a fake idea is wrong and unethical. For Belly Ballot to be a kickstart it's as if they put themselves behind with this fake contestant before they even really started. Like you mentioned people will discover the truth no matter what. They should have just started small, building their brand step by step like other small businesses. It may be difficult for people to trust them moving forward because of the fallout. I think it's important to understand if it doesn't work, it doesn't work so go back to the drawing board. In the long run, a company contest that fails is better than a fake contest. 

2 years ago on Belly Ballot Hoax: Communication Gone Wrong


All nine tips are great! As a Kent State University PR grad student, we are required to create and maintain a blog for a class. We've spent the semester discussing tips and tricks for driving traffic to our blogs.  I now really know the importance of SEO. There was one word I continued to use as a tag but I realized it's important to use tools such as Google Adwords to know what keywords people are searching. This greatly increased blog traffic because people use various terms to describe the same topic. My blog has been the best way to understand SEO and creating valuable, interesting content that people will want to read again and again. 

2 years ago on Nine Tips to Write a Great Blog Post


As a PR graduate student at Kent State University this is valuable information. Professors stress the importance of networking through all outlets but it seems so overwhelming! It seems like common sense to connect with people but the actual ENGAGING and getting to KNOW them makes all the difference. I find myself struggling on how to make the initial interaction but it seems something as simple as responding to a tweet or even asking a question (because it never hurts) is all it takes. You list this as the first tip. This will help me immensely especially since I'll be embarking on the oh so wonderful job hunt in the next couple of months. In between classes and thesis research I need to take the plunge and invest the time to grow my personal network. Thanks for the tips!

2 years, 1 month ago on Make Your Network Go Viral: Eight Tips for Networking Success