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The final Kansas House Bill 2199 as amended by House committee was significantly changed from the original quoted in your article above.  The original bill protected all firearms owned by Kansans within Kansas' borders, but the bill as passed by the House does not.  Your quote of the original bill submitted to the committee says that it applies to guns  "owned or manufactured commercially or privately in Kansas".   This protected all firearms owned by Kansans and within the state's borders.The bill as amended by the committee, and passed by the House, said that it applied to guns "manufactured commercially or privately and owned in Kansas".   This language means that a gun has to be both manufactured and also owned in Kansas to be protected.  Kansans whose guns were manufactured out-of-state are not protected.   This bill affords you no protection from the feds if you own a Smith & Wesson, a Colt, etc.You can see the bill, with the changes over the original text, here:


2 years, 1 month ago on Kansas 2nd Amendment Preservation Act Passes House Committee – Tenth Amendment Center Blog