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It would be a great thing- if it had any teeth. As it's written, I actually see it as a bad thing, for a couple of reasons. It doesn't impose any jail time for Federal Agents that attempt to enforce it here, so what's the deterrent? I see little hope of it being respected without those teeth after seeing the complete disregard for state marijauna laws by continued raids and prosecution. Now, one might say, "But how does it hurt?". Well, think about this- If we can't pass effectual legislation NOW, when we control all three parts of the legislature, and the concern is high, then we never will. It's essentially "feel good legislation" that will have folks patting them on the back, while accomplishing nothing. Fears will be falsely appeased, and much needed pressure will fade when we need it most. It will also be harder to get them to pass anything further now, because "there's already something on the books."That's my take on it anyways. I think it's important we inform folks not to pop any corks yet, and turn up the heat higher than ever while some are seeking re-election in 2014. It's the only thing they respond to.


It's irresponsible to report this as a victory, without detailing and informing of all aspects.

2 years, 1 month ago on NDAA Nullification Passes Michigan Senate, 37-0 – Tenth Amendment Center Blog