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I'm not bridge jumping yet. It was a pathetic game, but series is now split. Let's at least hope for split in Ohio and finish them off. Also concerning as Rossi pointed out is that BJ's aren't even targeting Crosby with Dubinsky toward the end of the game. Coach said other guys picked up on what Dumbshitsky was doing and did the job just as well ... not good. 

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Noticed the Rangers did a good job trolling Giroux ... he got knocked around quite a few times. Always wondered why we, (and other teams), don't target Giroux the way other stars get targeted. Rags did a good job of it last night, and the Fraud had ... count em' ... ZERO shots. 

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Kind of wish we would lose these easy games, maybe would make it more obvious that this team has major problems and is not going anywhere in the post season ... as always. 

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