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We do break it down, but not really into quarterly or monthly goals (for public companies maybe that would make more sense). Most of what we do consists of discrete projects, for example, a new plugin we're working on for WordPress. So we break the tasks down for that and divide and conquer. But we do have a high level plan for the whole year, based on what we want to produce, where we want the company to go, and also our own personal goals.

That's one of the aspects of our company that we've always agreed on - it exists to help provide the lives that we want, not the other way around. So our personal goals are strongly linked to the company's philosophy. That's why we buy carbon offsets for our flights, and also contribute to non-profits - because we both personally believe in those areas.

As we're separated remotely, we mostly use Basecamp for our project management. It's nothing super fancy - most of what we talked about at our last meeting is contained in a Whiteboard on Basecamp, and we have the year broken down into projects, rough milestones and tasks. But, we definitely have visibility on everything. We decided a few months ago to upgrade to their paid plan, because we do get a lot of benefit out of it and like to support businesses that make our lives easier and the business easier to run.

4 years, 2 months ago on The Definition of Insanity: Groundhog Day


Great post!

I think fear and risk are normal parts of most decisions that hold people back. For risk, usually it's easy to mitigate once you sit down and logically find ways to offset it. One of the risks with my world adventure was that I'd run out of money. So I sat down and came up with a number for my savings which would make me comfortable, and then I turned that risk into a new goal - to save that amount of money. Once I had that amount of money in the bank, the original fear went away.

I think goal setting is very powerful, as long as it translates into manageable, concrete steps to obtain that goal. My business partner and I meet every year and plan out the next year - but we do it in reverse order. We decide what the company is going to look like at the end of the next year, and then we work backwards to figure out what pieces we need to have in place to make that happen. So far it's worked extremely well and allowed us to obtain success we may not have had had we simply tried to work forward by setting the logically progressive steps based on where we were currently at.

4 years, 2 months ago on The Definition of Insanity: Groundhog Day


I'm going to make a couple comments here :)

First, why does it ultimately matter how someone else uses the english language? If someone personally wants to switch to more powerful diction, that's fine. But I don't personally understand why someone would go out their way to critique another person's use of language if that person has no personal issue with it? As an example, if someone is using the word nice and they are lambasted them for it, and they suddenly go from feeling good about something to feeling bad about that same thing, would you say that the interference made a positive or a negative contribution to the actual enjoyment of the situation? I would argue it's a negative one.

I've also been on dates before where I'm pretty sure I would have been added to the girl's "do not call" list had I gone ahead and said something like this "wow, I had the most amazing time with you at dinner. It was life changing, and I came home from dinner completely invigorated! I can't wait to meet up again!".

Quick, delete the crazy, clingy guy from your phone!

There's a time and a place for passionate language, and I don't personally think it's pertinent to every situation. I fully agree we should set goals and try to shape aspects of our life, even language, to accomplish those, but I don't believe in absolutism, that is that certain aspects (in this example, words) are always bad, or that others are always good. I think context is always relevant to the situation.

But, great discussion! I had a nice time in the comments! :)

4 years, 2 months ago on Why Nice Should Be Banished From the English Language