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I heard as of this morning (3-13-13) that Washington was still a Seahawk, with the possibility of restructuring his contract...He may be on his way out, but he's not out yet, as PC is allowing him to see what the market has to offer...He might just stick around with a pay-cut/ restructure for his best chance at a SB...Good luck and absolute happiness regardless of what happens...Peace out!

2 years ago on Leon Washington to Be Released


I'd say Seattle already knew Wallace was heading towards Miami, while Harvin would be the best all around WR FA...Percy has the ability to change the game more than Wallace and Ellerbe, can run the ball and return punts and kicks...This guy might average 180+ all purpose yards per game...You don't just sit around waiting for other teams when you have your own agenda...Seattle will find that pass rusher soon...Peace out!

2 years ago on The Lowdown on Percy Harvin