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I have used it for sometime now and I have found it to be a better facebook replacement than twitter replacement.

twitter is designed for public asynchronous follow model. 1000 people following a celebrity. @ replies allows me to tell the "celebrity" what I think without it polluting ie spamming everybody elses stream. If the "celebrity" chooses, they can engage me. Either way the original tweet once consumed disappears in the information river ...

I tried to follow Larry Page and Vic Gundotra on +1... Everytime someone comments, it bubbles to the top of the stream. And old posts by those guys are always on top of my stream due to their engagement scores. Facebook fanpages have the same problem of engagement... Though facebook does some voodoo burying.

Facebook fan pages also have another problem it mixes my friends who post at a different rate and professionals who post at a much higher rate ... Mixing friends and interests does not seem to work. at least for me..

Overall Ive found facebook fan pages and google+ which is a lot like facebook fan pages to not meet the information and interest network that twitter is. Twitter allows me to follow WSJ columnists and President Obama and have a conversation with a tech blogger at the same time. These other networks not so much...

3 years, 9 months ago on Why Twitter Should be Very Worried About Google+