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Baalam and balak as a potion of Jewish history and is often employed by the military, law enforcement  or politicians today.

I just just visually see the same type characters sitting there in government today...asking people to ride their Donkey into a war when the Donkey naturally is innocent of the one that ordered men get killed in remove a threat to the one that sent them for monetarily reasons.

I never knew the uS government supported uS, when all they will ever get credit for is their just acts to receive just compensation.

You can write tons of bills, acts, etc. and that is all you will ever achieve...the just acts. Bad acts are not an achievement.

That is why we as individuals are self governing and humans just naturally know what they do not like.

This infatuation with patents, copyrights, and a currency you redeem for gold is the same type principal described in Baalam and Balak.

It is also  proof that government has put us under subjection to profit the subjection for monetary reasons.

I really do not think they have any plans on stopping this subjection...and they will probably do as others before them have done...find a coffin or place buried in the ground.

That to me is what an atheist  requires.Not What the founders of the uS required.

2 years, 1 month ago on State Nullification and the Supremacy Clause