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@SteveWilloughby President aside, congress passes plenty into other bills for their own benefit, not the publics.  Lets be glad it got passed.  Also kind of sad to look as "national historical parks" making use of land related to the creation of the atomic bomb. 

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You could do heats of this....

But seriously, as a rider that had to race with the elite men's national championships and faced the same problems, I placed well year round in local and regional races and never started higher than 100th in the elite men's race. There is no ideal system for such large settings and you can't say "I think the way world is doing it" is a bad approach to take with this. Worlds is already working with a slimmed down group of riders to make selections from through these heats. Not hundreds upon hundreds of riders. Besides, doing heats isn't possible in the states. Most riders don't have the time or energy to race that much in a week, and if they do they are probably qualifying and placing well anyway.

Also, to do the regional thing is just silly. For the past few years travel has been much easier because nationals was in the central/western US. Of course more individuals from Colorado and Oregon go to nationals when they are in Kansas (one state away from Colorado) and Oregon (the state those people live in). Trust me, travel wasn't easy from Southeast Tennessee to Kansas... Furthermore Oregon and Colorado have two of the largest cycling cultures in the country (likely the largest). It doesn't matter what process they go through for nationals, the people in those regions will continue to get placings in nationals because their local scenes are handling results correctly. Not to mention if these people are dominating at nationals with crappy starting positions its completely irrelevant where they start. If I recall, the last year Nationals was in Kansas one of the masters winners started last row in his race....talent is talent.

As for the comparison between ACA and USAC, one question, what is the largest rider registration event they handle. I'm pretty sure that the capacity to handle registration/organization/coordination with everyone is something USAC has been doing since... oh I don't know 1920... or if you want to get "technical" 1975 when it became the official federation.

We aren't Europe, and we shouldn't handle processes the way they do. It's how the UCI and ASO issues arise. It spreads talent, interest and causes frustration along all areas.

Again, Just my thoughts.

3 years, 9 months ago on USA Cycling Implements New System for Start Order at Nationals


@cyclocross @ringcycles honestly, the end goal for USA cycling is Olympic status. The origin of USAC is to develop and focus on talent at the Olympic level. At least that's what it was founded to do (in their mission statement).

Being an individual who grew up in the Midwest and luckily had an awesome series in the OVCX, results were always reported to USAC. With that being said, I now live in the Southeast and not too much cyclocross happens down here and the reporting to USAC is poorly executed. Largely the problem a lot of people will have is that they are racing but the less than motivated race organizers will fail to report the results as they are expected to. A lot of the issue with cyclocross and USAC is the conflict between being organizing as a sport and trying to stay somewhat grassroots to keep the persona of the sport what it has been.

In short, race promoters have as much an impact on moving the sport forward as riders and USAC do.

3 years, 9 months ago on USA Cycling Implements New System for Start Order at Nationals