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I can't say I do not disagree with all of your observations. I also have the heating problem as well, I cannot believe how hot the phone gets except when gaming oddly enough. Despite the fact that I have toolkit app that helps a little not a lot with the heat and battery problem. Space not an issue, speed generally not an issue but the battery still remains a huge problem. I upgraded from HTC One X for space and speed but found the phone that much faster or more productive than the HTC One X. However my final review would be that I love the phone think its awesome and just want better performance from the battery. I agree the power button placement is terrible as well as the USB connection placement is also terrible. But the Bluetooth function works very well with my wireless earphones and auto very well. All in all I highly recommend the phone I would just suggest a back-up battery or fast charger. Which brings me to my final observation how in the world do you get the back open on the device.

2 years, 1 month ago on HTC One X+ First Impressions