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 There are points to both sides. But I tend to agree with wdrworm. Do you know why the 2nd Amendment was put in place Mr.JerryParnall? It was put in place to protect us and our ability to protect ourselves. Now magazines that have over 15 rounds outside of the army, I don't think the general people of the US should have em. I mean all a hunter is going to need is 1 or possibly 2 shots to take down a deer or other animal. Bigger animals need a rifle with a larger caliber. Also don't try and hunt both just stick with one and then go to another animal. Anyways, for self defense, just take a training course. It is all you need to protect yourself, as long as you have a gun with you of course. How could you defend yourself from a intruder who has a gun when all you have is a knife? Hope this resolves it.

2 years, 1 month ago on Will Kentucky Nullify New Federal Gun Restrictions? – Tenth Amendment Center Blog