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Our mindset  must change.  You mention plastic trash in the  ocean.  Of course, most of that plastic trash is simply not necessary as we all can use "re-usable" bags to carry items out of a store.  Simply by choice, we can eliminate creating so much trash in our homes and work places by reusing (or not using) so many of the items that often end up in the trash.  Of course, many things can be returned to nature by composting.  And yes there is the big picture of all the pollution we create with  energy production and the use of the ocean as a dumping ground.  Green energy is possible  now as wind energy is a proven commodity in at least 5 states.  Other renewable resources will soon contribute more, especially when the government stops subsidizing oil and coal and focuses on subsidizing renewable energy sources.  Finally, it must be agreed that the oceans are absolutely crucial to our very survival in so many ways.  So much depends on the coral reefs and all the other aquatic life that we are slowly destroying.  We simply must massively increase the awareness of all men and women toward caring for the delicate planet we live on.

2 years, 1 month ago on Help Us Shape a Vision for a Healthy Planet