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Contrary to popular opinion, UNC and UVA are still very much Southern schools that are proud of their heritage.  While some of the faculty might prefer to be associated with "academic heavyweights" of the B1G, the vast majority of people associated with these schools would prefer SEC membership should the ACC implode.


The UVA rivalry is just as important to UNC as Duke, at least historically.  If those three were offered together, I think they might join the SEC party.  If the B12 were to fracture, the remaining 3 to get to 20 could be UT, OU, and KU.


NCSU would most likely end up in some combination of surviving ACC, Big East, B12 teams as the fourth conference.


If the goal, on the other hand, is to lock down the South, you could take  UVA, FSU, UNC, Clemson, Duke, and Georgia Tech.  For rivalry week, every Eastern state would have an in-state rival, except UVA, who would get UK.


Another out of the box idea is to steal Maryland from the B1G.  Take UNC, UVA, Duke, and Maryland to get to 18, with two spots left for, i.e. FSU and tbd.  


I know this is all getting out of hand, but I could see the SEC and B1G at 20 teams, with the PAC and a reconfigured ACC surviving as 12-16 team conferences.

2 years, 1 month ago on With Expansion Talk Heating Up, Here Are Four “Best-Case” Scenarios For The SEC