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I as an Oath Keeper, a Patriot and a Constitutionalist, have for the past year or so, been reaching out to the 63 Sheriffs in NYS. My objective at first, was to seek their membership with us as an Oath Keeper.

Having sent out three letters to each one by E-mail, I then made an attempt to all, by letters sent by regular mail.

It remains an enigma as to how many I successfully brought to our group. In the midst of this there came the horrors of Sandy Hook and my objectives changed from not just reaching out to them for membership but this time with the added plea for help in their keeping their oaths and joining with patriot New Yorkers in repealing the SAFE ACT.

We now had at stake the threats to our Second Amendment and I as a gun owner and fighter to keep our Bill of Rights intact, asked of these same sheriffs, all Oath Takers, to help in our quest. 

This has been done with astounding results and I am proud to have been a part of what may some day be in our books of history.

There is a large portion of these men, the highest form of law enforcement in the land, and also the oldest of all the LEOS, in our nation, who have signed on with us and the remainder are pending or abstaining.

These would be the two who are appointed and not elected and one elected from Oneida County. His stance is a wait and see attitude and will go with whatever is the final outcome following the court decision even if it is un-Constitutional. He will not stand down to any given orders even if they be un-Constitutional as well.

We as Oath Keepers will not obey and law or order that does not abide by the Constitution.

If you are a resident of Oneida County please join with the large and growing group of those who are appalled at the decision of their sheriff. If you are a gun owner and a responsible one your right to do so will soon become a passing thing if the courts rule as your Sheriff hopes.

He is a middle of the roader waiting to see which side he kisses ass for first. You as his constituents who elected him have within your power to show you are WE THE PEOPLE and let him know you will take steps to have him removed from office if he refuses to obey what you ask of him.

This is your chance to stand up and be heard and become a part of history. It would also be beneficial for you to join Oath Keepers and continue the fight for our rights in a non-militant fashion.


2 years, 1 month ago on Sheriffs, States and the Supreme Court