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It is clearly wonderful news that drilling has been delayed.  There are so many people that can see and feel the danger that this would cause.   It is quite confusing to me why all  do not see or understand it.  Is money really worth destroying so much life and wonder that has been provided to us to care for?  Well, I certainly do not think so!  Shell Oil must change their way of thinking and really see what they would certainly be destroying and start to help not hurt what precious and not replaceable wildlife and enviornment we have.  That would mean no more sitting in meetings trying to find a way around  us and continue on with their initial plans.   They, I am sure have not given up and the Ocean Conservancy will not give up either. Shell Oil, We Will Not Back Down!  Ever! I and many many others will always be behind the Conservancy !!!

2 years, 1 month ago on Shell Hits Pause on Arctic Drilling. Why the Interior Department Should Too