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@gravey94 Yeah like the invisible man NASH! Who by the way accoring to the Post today has the 8th highest cap hit of $7.8 in the league behind only Ovi, Malkin, Crosby, Perry, Getzlaf, Eric Stall and Shea Weber!

1 month ago on Sharks 1, Rangers 0


Except for the draft picks I don't feel the Rangers overpaid for Nash, in my opinion only Artie has/had the potential to become more than a 3rd/4th liner. However after watching Nash since he came here the Rangers did not get what they paid for! He is way to soft for such a big man and does not score with enough consistency to warrant the contract or the picks that were given up for him. The Rangers will have to decide between him and Richards after the season but one of them needs to be bought out. It will probably be Richards but Nash unfortuately deserves some consideration as well. He actually looks better killing penalties than he does in the offensive zone which is pretty bad considering he was brought in to score.

1 month ago on Wild 2, Rangers 1