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There is a lot of potential for the ocean to heal itself if we create the right conditions to do so.  Commercial fishing is devastating to the ocean floors, creating "dead zones."  Creating Ocean Sanctuaries is a must.  There is evidence that ocean sanctuaries that are off limits to fishing and commercial use (boat traffic, dumping, etc.) rebound in amazing ways.  Once a sanctuary is established, there is opportunities to create lasting ocean healing zones. 


Researching site-specific/ native plants and sea life that heal the ocean, and introducing these healing plants and sealife to protected areas via "ocean nurseries/ ocean gardens" have shown to help devestated areas rebound.  Yes-- in there are people who actually get on their scuba gear, and garden under the sea. 


The Great Pacific Garbage Patch will have to be cleaned up by human intervention, as the trash is not biodegradeable.  There are many ideas out there.  My favorite is solar powered garbage robot boats.  


There is desperate need to research areas that have been devastated by oil spills, such as in the Gulf.  I have a hunch that there are plants out there that may be able to heal the sea floor.


It is hard for any organism (yes, I believe the Earth is an live being and organism)  to heal while continuing to add toxic input to it.  It must be illegal and enforceable to stop toxic input (oil, garbage, chemicals, etc.) from entering the ocean. 


The fight closest to home is our own country, but this is a worldwide issue.   It will be difficult to reign in the super powers of commercial industry-- but the fight against corporate ocean destruction must continue until commerical destruction is stopped.  It would be a good idea to employ lobbyists that work full time against the corporate lobbyists in Washington, and there must be a continuing voice present in the United Nations . Government support needs to be increased for projects like those above.  This should increase jobs and tourism, and is the right thing to do.  If the US could clean up their act, what a wonderful example to the world.

2 years, 1 month ago on Help Us Shape a Vision for a Healthy Planet