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If a cleanup is to occur - full assessment of what's been thrown into the ocean has to be admitted and accounted for - ALL THE CRAP that are removed HAVE to be re-stocked [just like forests]. If you don't live near the coast, you are not entitled to ocean fish - just because you are American. There isn't enough tuna to go around. It's laden with mercury anyway now.


Cities have to reclaim rainwater BEFORE it gets to the ocean. [as much as possible]


Enforcing any and all maritime laws is somewhat important? 


Halting ocean acidification is going to be a difficult task. 


A supermagnet needs to be developed to remove mercury and other heavy metals [it IS a heavy metal, n'est-ce pas?] from fish meat/filets.


More in a bit, Thanks and congratulations Mr. Andreas Merkl



2 years ago on Help Us Shape a Vision for a Healthy Planet