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Just glance at the trending topics on Twitter and the ethnicity of those that are trending them, and you know it's a diverse space.

I would dispute your assertion that 6% of respondents having followed a company on Twitter is surprising (you didn't actually say it's surprising, but your tone implied it). Here's why:

Where does the 8% of Americans being on Twitter stat come from? Assume it's a very simple proportion of [# of Twitter accounts] -to- [total American population] and you have a flawed metric. You'd have to factor in the number of abandoned accounts, "marketing value" accounts (those accounts that people snag because they are buzz words), and the reality that people (and companies) have multiple Twitter accounts (for example: how many Justin Bieber Fan Club accounts exist? Those people all have a separate personal accounts, for sure).

If the 8% came from these 2,020 interviews, then I would say how many would-be interviewees turned down the survey? Chances are good they are not on Twitter. So if they got 2K respondents out of 4K phone calls (which I feel like is optimistic), then you can reduce that stat by 50%, assume that only 4% of Americans are on Twitter and nevermind all the other stuff I said. You get the idea....

But let's be honest... these studies can hardly be considered accurate. Why? Basic math: 2,020 interviews divided by 300+ Million Americans = 0.00067% snapshot of the population. No thanks, I think I'll stick to my crazy accurate gut instincts. :P

3 years, 10 months ago on 9 Surprising New Facts About Social Media in America