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As a scuba diver I continue to see the devastating effects of ocean acidification that are destroying our corral reefs and the declining numbers of marine life especially fish. Secondly most people don't realize when they apply sunscreen to their bodies and go into the ocean, the sunscreen washes off and is very dangerous to the ocean, the corral reefs. and the marine life. New products that are more environmentally friendly and yet block UVA and UVB rays are needed. I also walk the beaches on the weekends where I live on beautiful Long Island NY and clean up debris that washes up on the shore, I can pick up anywhere from 10 - 40 mylar balloons each day. Again people need to be educated when they release these balloons, they have to land somewhere and most times it is the ocean where turltes, seals, dolphins and whales see the shiny material and think they are eating a jellyfish and end up swallowing the garbage or worse yet suffocating. Many towns are banning plastic bags, maybe milar balloons will follow.. Education of all people through out the world is so very important to the health of the ocean and many times so easily overlooked.


Andreas congratulations on your position as CEO of Ocean Conservancy, I am excited to see how your leadership skills and ideas are going to make a positive difference in the ocean and it's precious marine life. It's not too late, but we need to start now.

2 years, 1 month ago on Help Us Shape a Vision for a Healthy Planet