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In order to engage the youth in this country and others I suggest a contest that involves fame and cash for the engineer/or creative genius that can find a way to get rid of the swirling trash in the Pacific trash island and by doing something big can serve as a cultural stimulus to encourage people to "keep the earth beautiful", Don't litter where you live, if this idea, that you are responsible for your own trash caught on...imagine what could be done. It is all about inspiration and the embrace of youth leveraging the social media. One day trash pick up days are wonderful but we need long term engagement on this issue.

I live in a beautiful tree lined street that is mostly town forest and daily collect a small bag of litter on every run that I take. In the summer I run along Cape Cod Bay and collect all manner of trash to the size of 13 gallon trash bags on every jog.


If we can get people to see the trash and stop passing it by that's a first step and then getting everyone to help is the next.

It should at the very least become a code of conduct for citizens and would- be, soon to be citizens alike. We need a surge, something powerful that draws the attention of the people.

2 years, 1 month ago on Help Us Shape a Vision for a Healthy Planet