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Mankind has been showing to be uncapable to protect their own environment on land so what do you expect from no-ones land 'the Ocean'?

My proposal is to 1. oblige every member of the United Nations to fulfill an active role in the Ocean Defense & Control system

                                    The 'ODC' should function as the UN-defense of land , though with severe sanctions towards trespassing                                              nations (a long-term cost saving organisation!).

                                2. an International-setup of basic school programs to instruct both children and their parents about our                                                        exponentional  waste production and the relation between water,land and general health of our planet&                                                  ourselves.

                                3.  all existing, well-known and scientifically based organisations for the defense of our eco-system could be

                                     invited by the UN to create and develops protocols and future politics to enhance the action of the 'ODC'.

The actions taking today are too local and individual to get any weight on international politics - give every nation their responsability & sanctions to get results!


Mankind will never grow up , we need to be controlled and verified to behave in the proper way!


ps. : it's time that even the (new) POPE talks about defense of the creation 'EARTH' !....




2 years ago on Help Us Shape a Vision for a Healthy Planet