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The oceans still have not achieved the attention and priority deserved.  NOAA under the Dept. of Commerce is not working and serious consideration should be given to a separate Ocean agency which was talked about at great length back in the late '60s.

An ocean agency should be a cabinet member as should EPA.  Until we establish these agencies as cabinet positions and give them the priority needed we will continue to fight the yearly political harmful legislation, rule changes, program and enforcement budget cuts, incompatible activities and corporate lobbying money that seek to undermine all efforts to protect and manage our ocean public trust resources.  We need also to eliminate the billions of dollars in subsidies and tax credits going to big oil, gas, coal and commercial fisheries to level the playing field.  We need to better emphasize and communicate to the US public the economics resources associated with our oceans and what impacts they have on our nation's economy and social welfare.

2 years, 1 month ago on Help Us Shape a Vision for a Healthy Planet