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Really enjoyable! 9/10

3 weeks, 4 days ago on Rate & Discuss The Caretaker


I'm still holding out hope for a series of two-parters. If you look at the production blocks on Wikipedia you can clearly see each director has 2 episodes each. But maybe the directors have been given two episodes each so everyone gets the same amount of airtime.

5 months, 1 week ago on Two-Part Finale for Series 8


Great post Dino :) And if you DID put "via @triberr" on every share, I bet your phone would drive you crazy with notifications all day long ;)

1 year, 1 month ago on My 3 Core Beliefs


I've built a project called "freemyfeeds" (just add dot com and you'll get there). I started it a few months ago. It's pretty basic but does the job reasonably well. If you export your subscriptions from Google Reader, you can import them to freemyfeeds.


The homepage gives you a list of recent post titles across all of your subscriptions. You can click a preview button to read the post within the freemyfeeds website. You can quickly Tweet, +1 and Like the posts.


There are a few things I'd like to do to improve the site, but if you're looking for a simple option that makes sharing easy, give it a try.

1 year, 7 months ago on RIP Google Reader: There are Other Options for You


Some of the links don't work - such as Medium, and NSFW, both of which try to load a page on pandodaily.

Also, it would've saved a little time if you linked to the articles in the screenshots - I wanted to read the article on and ended up having to search for it. Not a massive annoyance, but it took a little longer as I couldn't copy the text from the screenshot...

1 year, 10 months ago on Why are so many news sites still so unreadable? A few of the best and worst


I don't own a smartphone so I have never used Foursquare. I've never seen the benefit though, especially when people automatically post every checkin to Twitter and don't post any real tweets. To be frank, as so few of the people I follow are local to me, I don't care where they are - I care what they have to say :)

2 years, 6 months ago on Why I'm Over @Foursquare Check-ins


Ironically, I dislike the lack of a dislike button. :)


The concept of "either like it or don't" is OK in theory, but if you can only record positive feedback, how do you know if people didn't like something vs. they simply didn't check it out?


If we want to measure popularity to find out if someone likes a video, a blog post, a movie review or a new song, it can be very useful for content creators and artists to compare the results of one submission with others.


Although trolls may attempt to inflate the negative votes, not being able to leave any negative votes seems crazy. I can understand a poll where you can vote for one of a few things, but only being able to vote or not vote seems far too simplistic to me.


If anyone leaves a positive vote, the end result is always going to be "well, people obviously liked it!" - which may not be true for the majority of people.


Not everyone will like everything - having both positive and negative voting options allows a much clearer picture of what the majority thinks (out of those who vote).

2 years, 7 months ago on Google Testing +1 on YouTube to Replace Like/Dislike Button


Interesting list. Honestly, the use of Javascript or lack of customisation makes me not want to switch from the default WordPress system.


However, out of interest, do you know what happens to your existing blog comments if you switch to Livefyre or Disqus when your blog already has hundreds of comments in WordPress? And could you ever switch back?


As a tip: your post did not include an image, so when I went to pin it on Pinterest, a few of your sidebar images showed up - but there was nothing that would have made an appropriate image for sharing on Pinterest. As Pinterest is heavily image-based, it meant I didn't pin the post. A shame as I would have liked to. I did tweet it though :)

2 years, 7 months ago on Blog Commenting Platforms: The Bad and The Good


Hey Alison, thanks so much for the link to Quick Blog Tips - much appreciated :)

2 years, 8 months ago on 15 Brilliant Bloggers Talk About Managing Forums


Great post Harrison - love it ;)

2 years, 8 months ago on Six Ways to Make People Like You


You raise good points, but I found this post a bit difficult to follow. You start by listing 3 things that bloggers should do, then you list 9 things they shouldn't do. Considering the title of the post, it's the first 3 points that don't quite gel for me. Just some feedback :)

3 years ago on 12 Common Mistakes New Bloggers Make


Good list. A couple of points I'd query though:

5 - one-click installs can be very handy especially if you're not tech-savvy, but it's important to check that the one-click install is up to date. Updating is a constant requirement especially for any one-click install systems that offer dozens of different packages.

9 - I agree it's good to have recent versions - however there is an added challenge here. Having the absolute latest version isn't always a good thing - it depends on how recently it was released. For instance, if you go to there's an upgrade warning for PHP 5.3.7, four days after that version was released. One day later, 5.3.8 came out. I doubt many hosts would update that quickly, but it's generally a good idea to go for the latest stable version (not beta, for instance) and do thorough testing before upgrading to a newer version of PHP.

3 years ago on 11 Questions that Will KeepYour WordPress Site out of Hosting Hell


@thedomesticexec it's at spamcomment dot com :)

3 years ago on 12 Most Silliest Spam Blog Comments That Made Me LOL!


Blog comment spam is fun - I have a blog dedicated to it :)

3 years, 1 month ago on 12 Most Silliest Spam Blog Comments That Made Me LOL!


@TheJackB Hi Jack, I'm doing fine thank you. :) How are you?

I'm often looking for new angles, new ideas, new posts to write. I've found that it's great to write on a Sunday and use the week for social media and for thinking up new posts.

The comment spam blog is at :)

3 years, 1 month ago on Just Shut Up Already


Hopefully my blog tips blog doesn't fall into the category of a crap blog! One of the reasons why I have a blogging blog is because I try to share tips that actually work, tips I've tried, and things that other bloggers seem to miss that I think are fairly important.

As for comments, I don't get a lot, but the thing I'm strict about is spam. Other than blatant spam that hits the spam queue anyway, sometimes I do get some "borderline" comments where the person doesn't really say a lot, but seems to want a backlink. I have a whole blog dedicated to the really weird comment spam that I get from time to time. It's light relief for what has become an endless battle.

I just noticed I don't have your blog in Google Reader... I'll rectify that now. Hello again :)

3 years, 1 month ago on Just Shut Up Already


Good tip! I'd like to suggest a few more tips for finding and fixing issues on your blog:

3 years, 4 months ago on Blog Tip- Check Your Blog in Different Browsers