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"Google Apps scored 23 out of 42 US government contracts last year (Microsoft only won 10); even Chicago Public Schools has gone Google.This is clearly an anti-Office, pro-Google misleading article."


This is clearly a very misleading article. The 23 US government contracts are from tiny departments.  According to Google VP, the biggest department is Department of Interiors with 70,000 employees.


However, the Deparment of VA just moved 700,000 to Office 365.  The Dept of VA account is probably bigger than all the 23 Google Apps account. .


Sure the Chicago Public schools gone Google.  But the City of Chicago went Office 265.  So did New York City, San Francisco, and city of Minnesota.  The ENTIRE state of Texas jus went Offic 365, so did the ENTIRE state of California. 


In contrast, Google apps got the tiny City of Orlando and Pittsburgh.


There is also the city of Los Angeles which is demanding Google to refund fee for non-compliance of contractual obligations


The writer of article need to write an unbiased article instead of acting like a hard-core google fanboy or gal.







2 years, 1 month ago on The Office 365 vs Google Apps Battle: Who Will Dominate Enterprise Software?